An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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And most pleasant to team with :dukeaffirmative:

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@EdenSophia is about right. I’ll try and explain what and why we mods do what we do: We discourage people from ranting, sarcasm, and spleen-venting in general because we want the devs to listen/read what people here think. We’re all gamers, and we want the devs to get feedback. I can guarantee that a calmly-written post is far, far more likely to be read at all, in contrast to a tirade of abuse. Because those devs are human. And they do read the forums.

This is why I keep mentioning that folks have a voice here, and to not waste their chance to influence the devs with insults/anger/vitriol. Sure, the poster might ‘feel better’ for ‘speaking their mind’ or ‘telling it the way it is’ or even ‘JUST TELLING THE TRUTH YOU EVIL GBX SHILLS CAN’T HANDLE IT’ but it won’t have the impact that people expect. It’s just going to be seen as rage for rage’s sake.

And get this: I know folks get angry about games. That’s okay. But posting while angry is not a good idea.

I’ve never suggested (I don’t think) that polite posting will result in a response, but it may increase the chance of one. It increases the chance of being read and considered seriously, for sure. Getting a response is complicated by the restrictions placed on the devs, by marketing, legal, and contractual obligations, and by the fact that things change and any comment by a dev is often regarded as a guarantee of whatever was said actually happening, which results in anguish for all concerned if it doesn’t go on to be what happens.

But still: being polite. It’s important. I know that I have to phrase what I think carefully if i want it to elicit a particular kind of response. This is true even on the internet which, as some people would have me believe, includes this place.

Edit: And another thing…I do understand the temptation to try and impress other people with wit or eloquence. Nothing wrong with that. I’m as guilty as anyone on that count. But when it’s done in bitterness or spite, it’s likely to be breaching the rules, or least sailing so close to the line that we end up having to address it formally. I urge forum members to use their voice to entertain, if they wish, but to not lose sight of what this place exists for: to let Gearbox know when they get things right, or wrong, in a way that will be listened to.

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Rip I guess. I guess Gearbox can get back on track and make something good.

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Ghalt will remain broken.
Doing Algorithm with friends this morning.

  1. Entire screen headsup was gone, no information on screen at all and couldn’t access gear.
  2. After the Sentinel Ice guy my shotgun disappeared.

Not game breaking other than not being able to access your gear but, still broken.

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Do things come back if you let yourself get downed and then get revived? I’ve had the disappearing shotgun before in Bots Battle, and I seem to recall dying (:acmhorror:) fixed the issue.

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…Dunno, helping friends get Diamond in all HC missions.

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Implying Battleborn wasn’t good


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Ouch. My head hurts.

Actual feels.

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fisherman gonna fish

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But can he catch more than sardines?

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Then why does barley anyone play it then?

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Because the game is dead.

Just because it’s dead doesn’t mean the game is terrible.

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It’s not about the fish at this point
this river is almost dry
the fish have found new pools
It’s about the act of fishing
Getting a bite and watching the poor creature suffer is just a bonus

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Let’s not get personal here. Talk about the game, thanks.

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Coughs. /points up thread one post.

Not even metaphorically.

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I guess.

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…Not for my friends and I, we are doing our best to keep it alive.
Gold in all OPs, Diamond in all Story. We’re having a blase with 5 person teams each day.

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Still dead though tbh.

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As Miracle Max might say, on PC it’s “mostly dead”. @wisecarver is like the man in black, though - he has something to live for. Plus, some nifty side-kicks!

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Please don’t start with this. Regardless of your thoughts for Battleborn and/or the team behind it, continuing down this road will bring nothing but ruin to everyone involved.