An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (5/23/16)

An update for Battleborn is rolling out today on all platforms. This update includes various balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and quality of life improvements. The full notes for all platforms can be found here:

Battleborn Update Notes - 5/23/16

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please visit:


The date for the PC hotfix reads at 09/05/16?

Your link to the patch notes takes you to the general faq. There are also no updates for today. The latest info on there is from May 9th.

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can we add in-game communication about server status etc to the game? rolling text log maybe?

I am getting linked to support when I click…want to read notes! :blush:

Edit:nvm working now. Forgive my impatience

Yes, that’ll be fixed shortly! The notes are correct, just not the date.


Ambra’s ult… was nerfed? Lol what is that a joke?


Would this explain the server error, as in, it’s going live now?

Yea. I was really confuse for a second. I thought I’d somehow misclicked.

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The team is investigating the current issue, but I’m not personally sure if they’re related.

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I approve of all changes, especially the overshield minions not snowballing us if we lose a sentry and marquis no longer being able to cheese us.

Now to wait for Alani so I can get started on Master of Alani!


I thought Character Legendary gears didn’t use random values before! So how about the ones that I’ve already got?

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I’m laughing at this as well. One of the hardest to use and least damaging ults gets nerfed. That’s just fun.


Just to let you know. The patch notes for ps4 are dated may 9th.

Thralls can’t be knocked out of the map anymore! I didn’t realize it was a “bug”

I never realized that Ambra’s Ult was an issue, but -shrug-

All praise the developers for their infinite wisdom in nerfing the scourge that is Galilea. May we be so blessed that the nerfs continue to rain down upon her.



Is it going live now?

Doesn’t look like the patch has rolled out just yet so I’m gonna screenshot my items and see if they change after the update.

The may 9th one is this update they just dated t wrong for some reason.

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Excellent. I’ve been waiting on this patch.
Didn’t want to touch Galilea until she was finally in line with the rest.

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No it hasnt gone live just yet but unfortunately its made it so alot of people cant play so i assume they are in the process of putting it out as we type.