An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (5/23/16)

Patch sounds legit, good character balancing and bug fixes.

Note:date is incorrect and the developers have been made aware earlier in the post.

Will there be rewards for faction leveling? Is specialized loot(epic) if you achieve certain paramiters with a faction member?

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Read patch, hmmmm maybe it’s time to test my might in mortal combat on incursion. Took awhile but hope it’s worth.

Anybody knows when will the update be live?

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Please tell ASAP

Is this really going live today? It is almost 4PM EST not sure how long a patch this big takes to implement so maybe running out of time to patch today.

Any word on a fix for Miko’s alt fire problem? This is getting really annoying.

well today is you know in there time it might be today in your time it might be tomrow

I main Miko, and this is my main concern. I play on PC with mouse and keyboard.

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So no changes to toby’s ultimate?

Like… really?

I would have been fine if they just changed his lore to kills because the ult can still be usefull at times to rest my trigger finger for a bit but… just… nothing?

I mean.


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Hopefully, this is the last Galilea nerf for a while and perhaps forever. But yeah, lets hope for the best. The rest looks good. I’m just getting a little tired of constantly having to re-adjust my play style. Good stuff though!

Can’t tell of this is a joke or something I know nothing about

This patch sounds good! If only I had the time to play multiplayer stuff… :crying_cat_face:

Have you tried playing characters that aren’t OP? They don’t seem to be getting nerfed back in line…

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Wait Deande’s kick wasn’t meant to be allowed to control direction? Then why just reduce cool down? Or was it that it was used multiple times? If it’s the latter it never let me kick more than once since my sprint ended bc I kicked.

I agree wtf , Everyone just jumps out of that ult since they see that big ■■■■■■■ red brick very easily and now it wont slow as well?


Ambras alt can murder minions. And it can do alot to players too if you throw it in the middle of some melee that are spamming attacks. I drop it on myself as a deterrent all the time as well.

They were fixing the most pressing issues I guess. Plus the patch was out for cert for some time so I guess they fixed what was pressing issues at that time and toby was not at that moment.

I just use it to damage the sentry… Can never get a good enough engage to drop it but yeah the few times I did i worked well to force the enemy to disengage.

I agree Mikos heal maybe needs a bit of a nerf , I feel she can do too much with her kit, Heal , stun/slow. etc etc.

Also that thrall ability to instagib minions concerns me… its on too short a cd.

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