An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (6/14/16)

An update for Battleborn is rolling out today on all platforms. This update includes various balance changes, bug fixes, performance improvements, and quality of life improvements. The full notes for all platforms can be found here:

Battleborn Update Notes - 6/14/16

As always, for support with Battleborn or SHiFT, please visit:

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Wasn’t this patch supposed to contain Alani balance changes, the ones that couldn’t be dealt on the hotfix ? Maybe i’m confusing things …

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Or how about any of this that I mentioned on this post

I mean is there any update on these below points that people have been asking for? Other than we are working on it?

"While some of the changes are decent yes I still feel they are missing the mark… when will we have answers on any of the following

New maps/game mods been told since alan relate that they have some new things they want to release.
Split-screen fix… dear god… just please do something… my eyesight can’t get any worse at this point or I will be blind… (if you haven’t seen the terrible split screen just google it) on a 50" t.v. and I have to lean in to read it.
Ranked match making - nuff said. They have been talking since release and haven’t provideo an update on when it will go live. Heck just tell us we are looking at end of july for this.
4.The Saboteur final defense point they have said many times they will fix it but as opposed to doing the hot fix to give the last defense core more life they have done fixes to every other map first when this is one of the most requested things since the launch of the game!!!
Finally THE LORE CHALLENGES come on this is a gimmy…
These are some critical things that I keep waiting for but we have not seen. At this time it is just demoralizing not have any idea when any of these are going to go live.

The changes made are nice yes, but none of them to me were pressing. Mind you i have not had any game breaking experiences so maybe that is why I am not putting these at the top of my list, but this is the “big update” for the month so the 5 above mentioned points are going to be pused at least till July.

And I know the “marketplace” is to be discussed on the other thread but I am going to mention it here because we’ll it is part of the update and part of my problems with it.

How can they have these 5 huge issues since launch and they bump a marketplace in front of them to get more money first. I don’t have an issue with the M.T. themselves (to an extent) I have an issue that we have so may problems but they felt the need to install an update adding in the MT before correcting these glaring issues.

Just my opinion and it will be all I say on it in this thread. The rest will be on the other three threads about it."

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That could be just you wishing for Alani changes that weren’t in the hotfixes prior. I think she plays just fine.

If it isn’t in the patch notes then it’s obviously one of the things that isn’t ready to go live yet. You’ll have to wait a little longer. Not everything can be done right away.


Dang man thought if I asked for the 125586452 time they would just magically release it! Thanks for the outstanding insight on how thesee work! Now I never have to ask questions again!

I don’t ask these things because I am expecting to magically have them added to the bottom of the update currently being rolled out. I ask them repeatedly so that wor gets back to the dev’s that people are still wanting the adjustments and I ask for an update no matter how small so I can hopefully be told “yea we are working on it but have some adjustments or testing to be done before they go live” so I can feel like there is a shimmer of hope that maybe just maybe the issues I and many others have voice are in plans moving forward.

As my dad always says “the worst they can do is tell you no so go ahead and ask.” So I shoot it from the hip and see if something happens to come back if so I am extatic as it gives me something to look forward to. If I get a smart ass remark like above it just irritates me.

Back when the game was first released I had issues with the splitscreen and mad them known to @Giuvito and just asked if the dev’s knew about it because I couldn’t find anything anywhere where they acknowledged it. He told me it was passed along and that in itself excited me and gave me hope for what the future of BB held… well now I am just asking for some reassuring again.

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I don’t really have a problem with her but seems a large portion of the player base has, just commenting on previous dev comments saying that they could only do a temporary fix now by reducing her base HP a bit and that more complex balance fixes could only be done on bigger patches.
They did comment that there were going to be more balance changes done to her and that they would be coming soon, unfortunately i took that as “in the next patch” simply because if not on this patch, the community would have to wait until July, which is when the next patch comes if GBX follows the current trend of one patch per month.

I know they aren’t on the patch notes Kal, thus why i’m just asking the reason for it.
Sorry if i’m not thrilled of yet another month of pointless threads and complaints about Alani being unbalanced, on an already heavy atmosphere surrounding the game with the latest changes.

On another note, just played Echelon and it seems all the performance fixes work and i at least can now play the map with a constant framerate - even if maps like Overgrowth still offer better performance, but small steps -, the boosted shard count is also welcomed.

It’s not a matter of everything being done at the same time or people asking for changes right now. It’s the fact they prioritize the marketplace over already bought season pass content. It’s the fact they’ve let such a butt load of bugs, glitches, and issues through launch. Yeah they’ve taken care of some of it but the sheer amount of issues still left with this game is blinding.

Duh it’s OBVIOUS some things aren’t ready to go live yet if they haven’t been implemented. Probably because of their lack of proper prioritization.

Gearbox has been communicative in many ways but in a lot they haven’t said zilch or we find out they went behind us and changed gear or characters without saying anything.

The fact of the matter is a lot of us spent $75 or more for a FULL title and we got a decent amount of content but we also received a broken game. We’ve BEEN waiting - for content, answers, fixes, communication, something to be implemented into BB so it can be saved… instead they decide they’ve lost too much money and are practically begging people to buy these new marketplace skins when they come out.

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I’m assuming you aren’t from Australia then if you think there’s only 5 huge issues :joy:

To give credit where it’s due not everything is bad, both Coldsnap and Echelon are “fixed” now, both in performance and economy / shards.

So while yes, the marketplace changes can be seen as being bad or at least not really launched at the best time but they did fix quite a lot of things in this patch and if people were complaning about being stuck on playing the same maps - Overgrowth and Paradise - because of performance issues, they can now add two more on rotation because they’re now as playable as the rest.

Again i must reiterate not to take my original reply as complaining, i’m merely asking for the sake of transparency and understanding why such changes weren’t on this patch.

They DID fix a buttload of issues on this patch, bugs are to be expected. Anyway why clutter this particular thread with marketplace complaints when there is another HUGE thread exclusively for it ?
We should use this thread to ask questions and put our concerns and doubts about the actual patch on it, not side step into other issues and loose focus on the main subject.

Man I feel for you I am not though (logging in from Texas here) but I have heard of the issues in Australia and what I heard is rough and I doubt I have heard them all.

I won’t spam this thread with videos I’ve already posted, but if you check out my youtube account here you can see the couple of videos I’ve uploaded to get a good idea of what it’s like lol. 99% of my games are on yellow/red bars and it’s been like that since release

Yes I mentioned they fixed SOME of the issues. There are still many more.

I am not flooding this thread with marketplace issues only. I mentioned multiple issues with the patch and my concerns.

I was responding to Kaleidodemon and what they said.

Patch notes link just leads to Gearbox support page?

Still no Toby buff, Toby lore fix, or Alani nerf…


Just click on Hotfix/Patch Notes link, it will go to the correct page for each platform.

The update now causes Marquis’ skill Temporal Distortion’s bubble to no longer be visible. It still works and the 2D circle on the foor still shows up, but at least for me the “dome” no longer appears.

No, that’s because they bjorked the particle effects. Game doesn’t look as good as it did yesterday, even with the new setting on maximum.

I play on ■■■■ settings, so… you know… just trying to provide feed back. And regardless of whatever point you’re trying to make, it still needs to be fixed.

What update ? I don’t see nothing new ? Is it out already ?