An Update to Battleborn is Rolling Out Today (6/14/16)

Unintentional update?

So on the two thrall brutes in incursion seem to be doing a metric ton of damage when you attempt to take them out. However, there is no notes in the update mentioning that their damage output was adjusted. I have had this happen twice on Overgrowth now.

Does anyone know if this is intentional?

  • Added some geometry to prevent players from easily attacking the enemy’s second Sentry from their Supply Station room.

SO CLOSE yet So Far…

Tonight I had a Thorn jumping up and down from behind that wall and was a large part of taking out that sentry. “Just go up there and flush her out” one might say. We tried, there was a Montana and an Alani in there as well pushing/slowing/stunning us every time we tried. The other members of the team (OM and Bolder) were defending the back entrance very well as well. They were basically camped in there and we couldn’t push through.

Better teams might have been able to do it, but you cant expect that level of play with PUBs too often.

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Some day, Charlie. Some day…

Wait, nevermind; i got it. -clears throat- I bet the Toby buff makes the chocolate taste terrible…

I don’t find alani needing more than a light touch of rebalancing if at all, but the toby buff (where you wouldn’t need the lore changed because getting 2 kills with it would then be okay) has been something people have been talking about since launch at the same time as galil being a wrecking ball. Hotfixes and multiple patches have gone by now with nothing.

Just had this same issue.

We couldn’t attack from below because of the wall they put up. The sentry couldn’t attack either.

I was never against supply station camping but this “fix” has made it 100 times worse. It puts the defending team at a huge disadvantage. Whose bright idea was this and why did they not consider people jumping up to hit over it? Why didn’t they test to see if the sentry could defend itself???

This right here. Just expErie need the same thing. The team we were playin had an alani/miko/foxtrot that did this jumed up and down attacking the sentry. The defending team is now at a egregious disadvantage because not only can you not attack them till your on the stairs but your sentry no longer can attack.

Best solution for fix

  1. Either just build the wall higher
  2. Put a roof on the wall.

To make matters worse they had a pheobe up there and when we would try to push them out they wold focus heal whomever we attacked while pheobe just dropped millions of points of damage.

Also I will be putting a pic up later probably tomorrow of a opposing ISIC in a very peculiar place that I am sure he is not supposed to be.

As a reminder, we’ll have more in Thursday’s Battleplan.


I thought of these as well, but they still wont work either. It is still a hugely defensible spot. They can just peek around, do some damage and fall back, then switch attackers while the other heals up.

I would say remove the wall and drop the entrance so the sentry can attack the entrance if needed. The big cheese is the ability to shoot from there without the sentry hitting it. Maybe even raising the ground a bit as well so the change isnt as big, as big changes in map or structures tend to have downstream effects.

The way it is now only makes the area a kill zone in advantage of those occupying the supply room which, previously, was able to be cleared by coordinated attack from both sides. 1 side can be closed by 2 people, leaving 3 for the other which with the right team is plenty.


This seems like an odd way of “fixing” things, as no matter what get’s done… the community just comes out with a different way to cheese the sentry’s because, and I’ll use capitol letters here to make a point, THE SENTRY IS NOT ABLE TO DEFEND ITSELF PROPERLY.

It wasn’t able to shoot across the map, it’s not able to attack people in the cave to the sides, it’s constantly confused about who it should be attacking, it won’t lead moving characters, it can’t turn fast enough to hit strafers, it gets confused about the “backdooring” (which really is just a way to stop players from noticing you are attacking it, not a problem in itself), and it gets taken out by being blown up from the top room at the end. Now it also gets jump shotted, who would have guessed?

The problem with the sentry’s is not the layout, but it’s ability to defend itself. Change whatever you want, the next cheese will just use the next structure to cheese it.

The core issue here is that one person, who eludes the player characters, can sit in the back near the shard area and just shoot the things feet to death no problem… or sit on the health station and shoot it’s head. No matter what you do to the actual map, the sentry itself is the problem.

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Agreed. Alas, geometry changes are far easier to implement than AI fixes, even if they don’t solve the core issue.

I hope the devs are looking at the AI behaviour and overall vulnerability of sentries in incursion maps (particularly in overgrowth) because it feels to me that a lot of games are being decided not by who pushes better but by who cheeses better and for me that’s pretty demoralising.

They buffed his shield i dont know if they did this before but he shield skill got buffed from 510 to 850.

Mmmmmm. Most of the updates are positives.

I’m pretty happy about the economy changes, it’s lame having two sets of gear for overgrowth vs any other map in the game.

As far as sentry AI is concerned… they could have stopped a lot of the problems by making the sentry shield require minions to dismantle or at least take the first shot. Right now the sentry has too little hp to stand up to a handful of the new OP minions and cheesers and way too much damage to slaughter a tactical push… could use slight tweaking there. I’ve only had 1 match go to timer since the June 2nd hotfix. And over half of my deaths are from the sentry. (3k dmg in 12 seconds wtf?)

I don’t see how the complaints are seen as in the wrong… it’s supposed to put a fire under the devs. Yes you guys are trying and you say it but I have seen far more excuses than appologies. I’ve seen very little appreciation for those who are giving “constructive criticism” and trying to stay with the game because they enjoy it. And don’t think for a minute we don’t have other options.

Personally, if they fix everything… late is better than never. A surefire way for gbx to never see another penny from the community they have now or future patrons would be to give up on fixing this game.

P.S: a lot of us are at level cap on everything we enjoy playing… and very well might leave before anything gratifying is implimented.


They have made changes to alani they decreased her base health. Alani isnt op at all she’s a slow snail and made of glass an assasin can kill her in seconds.

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I had the patch update on xbone but no new marketplace content…am I missing something?

Marketplace update is June 16th.

Ooh I see, that makes sense, actually can’t wait to see what they put in there

26 skins most reskins but kleese looks awesome and I believe 7 taunts.

They changed something to S&A’s “chain” when fetching. What chain? I never noticed a chain. D: