Analysis of Overload?

Has anybody ever ran an analysis of Overload?
I just started to roll an Athena and discovered this skill recently while mobbing through UVHM (Pandora) @ Lvl 54.
I find Overload to destroy regular mobs without me even knowing they are there. The only clues being burning dead bodies all over the place …
I know there used to be a fast-leveling thread somewhere (in the old forums?) but the link does not work anymore. Maybe some of the questions I have, have already been touched in that thread?!

But several questions arise from my first discoveries:
Does it spread both Dots (fire & shock), if both are applied? It appears so … But the skill description is not clear to me. But then again, might be because English is not my mother tongue.
When Omega-Senshu kicks in on initial target (the target that is about to spread the status effect), will O-S-increased dot dmg get transferred or initial dot damage? (==> “Bloodsplosion light” if the former is true since dmg potentially increases while jumping from target to target).

Also, I noticed the range is very high. If the skills’ definition of “nearby” also applied to “Vanguard” or “United Front” Athena would be a badass team medic!

Thanks for any input on that matter. I will for sure keep testing this (though I am in no way as proficient as I would like to be.) as I like this skill for general mobbing.

I showcased a build pretty much built around Overload, and some other things. If you want to try and make sense of the #s in the video you can try. But I feel a true analysis of Overload would be kinda difficult b/c of all of the other variables.

It has a chance to spread both, only if both the fire and shock DoTs are active when the enemy dies.

I personally don’t know. But it feels more like the current DoT gets transferred over, instead of the initial DoT (so like Bloodsplosion).

Thanks, man! I appreciate the video and feedback.
I really don’t focus too much on stacking via a Thinking as you do in the vid. Things die too fast anyway to really care about Overload when mobbing with this gun. So I mainly roam the maps using either a Hellfire (since I liked that gun ever since BL1) or a Shock Torrent. They don’t stack as fast which leaves room for noticing and need for Overload to spread and actually do damage. Also, I run a Dragon class mod pushing OS, so the DOTs hurt more with targets’ health >50%.

I really would like to see if it’s possible to chain kill an entire room by just, say, grouping and weakening them with a Quasar, then picking off the weakest target to start a chain reaction. Since I liked Bloodsploding Pete so much and while I enjoy paying attention to stacks, EB and stuff, I really like to just mob through UVHM and having all kind of different perks going on for me. Overload is just one of those skills that caught my attention for having an interesting mechanic as a passive killer behind it.

You’re welcome. And yeah this build is set up to get up to +700 stacks of Maelstrom as fast as possible so I can get inifinte ammo, ect… while mobbing. So Overload is just a utility skill at that point, but when you have that many stacks it still kills stuff easily even w/out having OS boosted.

And if you’re trying to kill things purely with Overload then the Dragon com is the best. I feel if you want to chain kill w/ Overload then killing Torks in atmosphere w/ a Firestarta, Logan’s Gun or an red glitch active Maliwan gun is the best case scenario.