Analysis of Skills and a Guide to an Aggressive Thorn Build

With her extreme mobility Thorn has perhaps the best survivability among Battleborn, even without Burst Propulsion I seldom die from Gali’s ring of death or Rath’s spin to win just because she’s so fast and jumps so high. I much prefer Draw Strength, the value of killing Miko behind Montana or killing enemies through the thrall and minion blockade on Overgrowth is too good to be overlooked in favour of a little more survivability on a character who’s as hard to kill as Thorn is, IMO.

Have you gone up against any teams that would use Galilea and rath well? A good rath will sneak behind you, use the ranged skill to slow you, then the knockup followed by spin 2 win. Without burst propulsion you are caught, because you are still slowed by him. Have had many Raths try to use this technique on me, and it never works because of burst propulsion.
As far as Galilea goes, I have come against some Galilean that knew how to use the pull to screw a Thorn. If you are jumping with thorn and Galilea activates her pull, it will launch you across the map, and you’ll be slowed and silenced. I’ve had several Galilea that knew how to use this very well, and they would launch me directly into the middle of their entire team. I’ve gotten away more often then not thanks to burst propulsion.
I know how handy draw strength can be, and I used to actually defend it against burst propulsion with a passion. I loved using draw strength and killing a Miko through a Montana or Galilea. It’s a godsend against a Toby that knows how to play Toby effectively. After playing with Burst Propulsion for so long though, I have a hard time going back. I use it multiple times in every encounter I have, and it makes it very difficult for even a spraying Montana, or a good Melka to hit you at all, let alone do any real amount of damage. Also it gives you a large amount of mobility very early on. You don’t get the high jump until level 7.
Burst Propulsion pairs extremely well with the high jump. It’s not too hard to predict where a high jumping thorn is going to land. Anyone that has been across a high jumping thorn enough knows exactly when and where to strike. You can use burst propulsion to change the direction you are traveling in mid-air, really making you hard to pin down for the enemy. A good marquis can hit you while your traveling in the air without too much trouble, and Burst Propulsion can prevent him from predicting your air travel accurately.
Finally, one of Thorns greatest weaknesses is being slowed. If you are slowed, and you are close to another enemy, especially a melee character, it is likely you will die. Burst Propulsion is not affected by slows, and can get you far enough away to wait out the slow and run out alive. I know a good pheobe will use her teleport right next to you to slow you, then activate her ultimate while you try to get out of it. Without burst propulsion, you will probably get out alive, but heavily damaged and easy to pick off by anyone with a few good shots.
This is coming from someone who has used Thorn extensively. I have over 1500 player kills, and about 430 deaths. I have used both burst propulsion as well as draw strength extensively. In all my experience I have found more useful situations to use burst propulsion with than I have draw strength. I’ll admit there are few better feelings than killing a Miko through another character, but my total deaths have gone down ever since I started using burst propulsion. Especially since most people know how to deal with Thorn nowadays, unlike when it was first released and nobody could pin her. I rarely have moments where I can’t hit the person I want because I am being bodyblocked, neither by a enemy, or a friendly.
Ultimately I feel draw strength is good to take in some situations, but if you play the frontlines aggressive thorn I play, Burst Propulsion is much more useful. I play a lot of incursion myself, and I never find myself in need of draw strength any more than a small moment in a match maybe, but I use burst propulsion throughout the whole match. A fun tactic to use on someone, jump behind them while they are facing you, use burst propulsion midjump to put yourself where they were facing, and go nuts on their unprotected back. They always turn around expecting to find you land at what was once their back. Have gotten many kills with this strategy.

After 350+ games and 150+ of those with Thorn, yes.

I go draw strength because the times I die with Thorn are when I get stunned, over extwnd, or just get sloppy.

While I rarely get two battleborn in one shot I often get many minions in one shot and the body block proof shots also matter.

I’ll skip it in capture because of that reason but in meltdown and invitation Thorn has some of the best wave clear with blight, volley, and draw strength.

Burst will rarely save me from a stun

Burst wont save you from a Galilea stun at full HP with her OP sword beams (they need to make it start at 0 damage at 0 range and go up to 100% damage at X range… it’s stupid broken how fast they can kill you.) but when a Gali is just swinging her sword at you, she wont kill you in the stun. Burst Propulsion gives you the room you need to get away from her and live but draw strength won’t help in that situation.

Also Blight is the only wave clear you need lol. I’ve stopped using anything else for wave clears because nothing else is needed :stuck_out_tongue:

But whatever, too each their own… ultimately it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as it works for you, which is what I was hoping to achieve with my future edited guide but idk if I will ever get around to it.

I think one of my favorite moments is thanks to burst propulsion.
I was playing a game of incursion on overgrowth, and it was a really close match. The other team was beating us with kills, but we were effectively holding them away from our sentry. It was a defensive match for us most of the game. The other team consisted of a Galilea, rath, Toby, kleese, and Montana. On my team we had Oscar Mike went 7/5, a rath that went 3/16, a Benedict that went 4/4, a Miko that refused to heal and went 1/12, and me as Thorn and I went 13/2.
Both the Toby and Montana knew how to play smart, and cause us a lot of trouble without getting themselves killed. The Galilea and rath ran together the whole match and would tag team individuals, and for groups Galilea would use her big pull, and rath would spin to win everyone slowed inside the sigil. The kleese spent most of game trying to backdoor us for most of the match, but our Benedict kept a good eye on him, so he only got the sentry shields down once. Unfortunately that once they got our sentry down to 70.
The rest of the match was a big power struggle in the middle area. Finally there was six minutes left on the clock. The other team still had a full health sentry, and we had the damaged one from kleese’s backdoor. The Galilea and rath were close to respawning, and I had a great idea. If Kleese could backdoor us, I could do the same to them. So I used burst propulsion to jump the cliff on their side, took out the thumper turret, and shot a few arrows at the sentry. It didn’t do anything gamechanging to the sentry, but it accomplished what I wanted it to. I got the attention of two people from the other team. The Galilea and the rath. The two people who had killed more of my teammates than anyone else, and the other teams biggest pushers.
They ran up to me, thinking they would take care of me real easily. So I jumped off the cliff, and then immediately jumped back up it while they followed me blindly. They looked so sad when they turned and realized I was back up the cliff. So they ran all the way around and came back straight for me. This time the rath followed me while the Galilea stayed at the top. I ran to my teammates, and we quickly killed the rath. I jumped the cliff again. Destroyed the thumper turret again, and the Galilea quickly can after me again. This time she had kleese following her. Neither of them followed me this time, but they both stood on that cliff watching me. So I just shot some arrows at them for a little bit. The kleese ran off after a few hit him, but the Galilea stood her ground. When she realized her sentry was taking damage she went back to front lines.
I killed the middle thralls in record time, someone else grabbed the thrall from our base, and I jumped back up the cliff.
Guess who came running. The Galilea and newly respawned rath. I distracted them for a little bit, and by that point it was too late. Their sentry was overrun by minions, thralls, and my team. I effectively pulled multiple people off their frontlines, and none of them accomplished a thing. It was vastly entertaining actually. I didn’t do any sentry damage at all, but they were so worried I would backdoor damage their sentry, they didn’t spend any time defending their front door.

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