Analytical Breakdown of Cmndl3t. Sorry

I’m going to be a bit curt here since I honestly don’t want to waste my own or anyone else’s time with unnecessary banter for this COM.

If you want a TL:DR - This is not worth farming for. If you want to use it for fun feel free, but it really isn’t worth ever wearing this.

I’ll be looking at this through 3 aspects of the COM: Attack command cool down, pet damage, and defensive bonuses.

Attack command cool down

You’re going to take Sic Em with this COM, because you’re going for attack command damage. In that case, for 3 more skill points, you can just get Eager to Impress which will reset your attack command cool down whenever the pet kills something anyway. So this COM doesn’t actually let you use the attack command more often unless you weren’t going to run Eager to Impress, which is unlikely since you’re already getting Sic Em.

Pet Damage

If anyone wants the math I’ll post it, but for brevity’s sake here is how much damage each pet actually gains from spamming attack commands exactly every 6 seconds.

Guard and Horned skag - 27%

Centurion and Scorcher - 45%

Jabber guns Mayhem scale, so for M0
Sidekick - 45%
Beefcake - 21%

Sidekick - 27%
Beeefcake - 0%, his basic and attack command hit for nearly the same amount

Atomic Aroma, with no splash bonuses, provides 22% melee DPS. With splash this skill give 40% melee DPS. Only on M0 with Sidekick Jabber, or with Spiderants (since they attack so slow) does this COM provide more DPS than Atomic Aroma.

This doesn’t take splash pets into account, because

  1. Countess - if you kill enemies too quickly and force her to use attack commands, her AI will bug out and she’ll miss or get stuck under the map
  2. Gunslinger - If you’re on high Mayhem levels, he’ll kill himself if he shoots too close.
  3. Eridian can whiff attack commands if the initial pull attack doesn’t catch an enemy. Since this forces the pet to attack enemies you’re attacking…yeah.

Only the Loader Bots have a risk free application for this COM effect.

Defensive Bonuses

Instead of using a this COM with no pet or FL4K damage and relying on huge shields to stay alive, you can just use a Red Fang. You’ll get a free point in Eager to Impress for attack command spamming, more pet damage from Ferocity, and you won’t need huge shields because enemies will literally never hit you.

Some people may be thinking of combining this COM with the Attack command life steal anointment for permanent 30% life steal. Remember though, that anoint rolls on weapons only, so no damage anoint on your weapon. Survival has diminishing returns, you only need the skills that will do the best job of keeping you alive. Anything beyond that is wasting gear and skill points. If you have 30% life steal, what use is 100% shield capacity, shield restore on a 12 second cool down, and recharge rate?

To be fair, if you were so inclined, you could just avoid purple tree and use this COM on a crit builds for the permanent life steal. To that I say …:face_vomiting:.

So is this COM worth farming Arms Race for? No. Unless you really hate holding the action skill button to perform the skill manually (which is fair, plenty of people hate it), you’ll be far better off just manually activating attack commands and taking better COMs.


F(for good DLC FL4K COM’s)

At least now we know FL4K isn’t a pay to win VH . . .


In the current state of the COM, I believe that’s the main benefit of it: Making spending points on Purple Tree more irrelevant than it already is (with the exception of Throatripper, Take This! and Fuzzy Math).


At least Fl4k has good basegame COMs (sad Zane noises)



I wonder how this com trigger the attack command? Is this just a copy pasted code that includes the awful delay between AC input and actual action?

Are we sure that this com can trigger anoint related to AC? That does not seem obvious to me.

This game has some spaghet for sure, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t proc Attack command related anoints.


Then that’s all the reason for it not to. It’s always a possibility, sadly

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What about if I have a nice shield with the Terror pet anoint? Theoretically this COM would let me keep that procced indefinitely…? I’m thinking Terror-proccing Facepuncher + Ghast Call + Terror pet anoint shield…

It would, but you could still do that without this COM and have way better pet damage and defenses.

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Agree with everything here.

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Why 3 defensive skills? GB plz :man_facepalming:


I’m here to add my tears to the bucket. :smiley:

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I have to admit I was really hoping the com would be very offensive to make up for the fact the tree is so defensive. Hopefully they’ll change the skills before launch - Capacitance, Throatripper, Monkey Do would be much nicer.


Seeing people being excited over this COM’s ‘potentia synergy’ with the 200% Terror and Lifesteal is just baffling. Eager to Impress exists - and if the pet does enough damage, even 1 point should suffice. And if they don’t, then this makes this COM even more meaningless.

All this COM does is remove the need to actively play the game, while massively scuppering Fl4k’s and their pet’s DPS.


Yeah, you’re pretty much sacrificing tons (and I mean tons, at least 30% but up to almost 80%) of pet damage for the privilege of not pressing the attack command button every so often.

Pet builds can be a lot to manage if played well and some automation is appreciated, but if you need to give up damage for it then there’s no point. The life steal anoint is a damage vampire and terror lasts 15-20 seconds, easily enough time to just manually activate it.


Yeah, it really seems like one of the intents behind the COM is giving you the option to use purple tree skills without investing in it–especially given that it breaks the unofficial rule of putting points into a capstone skill. Unfortunately the skill boosts don’t make a lot of sense when taken collectively–Better Toys, Keep Them Safe and Capacitance are the most redudant skills in the tree. Having them on the same COM is actually awful.

This COM would be immesurably better if they just changed the skills–Fuzzy Math alone handles the survivability aspect, and then add, idk, Throatripper and Agility Training to it.

I like the idea of having an alternate attack command trigger, but i really feel like that kind of thing should have been intergrated as a skill and not on a COM. especially not on a “survivability” com when the big draw of automated attack commands is permanently activating 30% lifesteal, which in terms of reliability completely blows shield-based survivability out of the water.


That COM is the worst they could’ve done. And I mean it’s even worse than the Trainer COM in it’s initial form. Back then, I joked about a 3% chance when dealing gun damage to apply a random skin on Fl4k.

Someone at Gbx must be sitting at their desk, grinning in the baddest way while trying to make up the most useless ■■■■ for Fl4k.
Ever since the GITM nerf, Gbx tried to make Fl4k the worst of the current VHs while upping each other VH into madness.
To me, it seems like Gbx has regrets that they gave Fl4k this amazing damage formula thread and now they try to make up for it in a hard way.

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Putting aside the usefulness (or lack there of) of the mod. How do you pronounce the second part of the name? Is it like a pun of CRTL+ALT+DEL? Is it pronounced “Error Command Delete”?

I think it’s “commandlet”.