Analytical Breakdown of Cmndl3t. Sorry

I’m here to add my tears to the bucket. :smiley:


I have to admit I was really hoping the com would be very offensive to make up for the fact the tree is so defensive. Hopefully they’ll change the skills before launch - Capacitance, Throatripper, Monkey Do would be much nicer.


Seeing people being excited over this COM’s ‘potentia synergy’ with the 200% Terror and Lifesteal is just baffling. Eager to Impress exists - and if the pet does enough damage, even 1 point should suffice. And if they don’t, then this makes this COM even more meaningless.

All this COM does is remove the need to actively play the game, while massively scuppering Fl4k’s and their pet’s DPS.


Yeah, you’re pretty much sacrificing tons (and I mean tons, at least 30% but up to almost 80%) of pet damage for the privilege of not pressing the attack command button every so often.

Pet builds can be a lot to manage if played well and some automation is appreciated, but if you need to give up damage for it then there’s no point. The life steal anoint is a damage vampire and terror lasts 15-20 seconds, easily enough time to just manually activate it.


Yeah, it really seems like one of the intents behind the COM is giving you the option to use purple tree skills without investing in it–especially given that it breaks the unofficial rule of putting points into a capstone skill. Unfortunately the skill boosts don’t make a lot of sense when taken collectively–Better Toys, Keep Them Safe and Capacitance are the most redudant skills in the tree. Having them on the same COM is actually awful.

This COM would be immesurably better if they just changed the skills–Fuzzy Math alone handles the survivability aspect, and then add, idk, Throatripper and Agility Training to it.

I like the idea of having an alternate attack command trigger, but i really feel like that kind of thing should have been intergrated as a skill and not on a COM. especially not on a “survivability” com when the big draw of automated attack commands is permanently activating 30% lifesteal, which in terms of reliability completely blows shield-based survivability out of the water.


That COM is the worst they could’ve done. And I mean it’s even worse than the Trainer COM in it’s initial form. Back then, I joked about a 3% chance when dealing gun damage to apply a random skin on Fl4k.

Someone at Gbx must be sitting at their desk, grinning in the baddest way while trying to make up the most useless ■■■■ for Fl4k.
Ever since the GITM nerf, Gbx tried to make Fl4k the worst of the current VHs while upping each other VH into madness.
To me, it seems like Gbx has regrets that they gave Fl4k this amazing damage formula thread and now they try to make up for it in a hard way.

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Putting aside the usefulness (or lack there of) of the mod. How do you pronounce the second part of the name? Is it like a pun of CRTL+ALT+DEL? Is it pronounced “Error Command Delete”?

I think it’s “commandlet”.

After doing a quick google search of that I think you’re right: “A cmdlet – pronounced command-let – is a small, lightweight command that exists as a small script that is intended to perform a single specific function.”

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Come on guys give gbx a break coming up with a good com for a beastmaster is hard ok.


Anyways look on the brightside Trainer might be somewhat useful now. I’m sure if its as bad as people say they’ll fix it all it took was about a year for them to make some significant changes to improve trainer and Fl4k a bit give them a year fellas it’ll all work out.

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The primary difference between the COM’s discussed in that thread and the a Cmndl3t is that most of those had boosts to skills with synergy to the effect of the COM.

For instance if it was an Attack Command COM it needs to boosts Sic 'Em and Go For The Eyes for maximum damage on AC. Cmndl3t has 0 of this.

I think it needs to be renamed, Cmnd-L3tdwn is much more fitting.


Normally I hate to be the guy saying “It’s simple, change 1 thing” because that is reductionist. In this case though, 1 change can make the COM much more bearable…

Replace Better Toys with Success Imminent.

Success Imminent gives you and the pet an extra burst of damage whenever your/their shield refills. Keep Them Safe recharges your/their shield after an attack command. If the cool down of Keep Them Safe was reduced or didn’t apply to Cmdl3t then you could spam Success Imminent novas with the COM. It’s not a build breaking synergy, and for the level of power these COMs are hyped up to have it doesn’t sound amazing, but it would make sense.

Or if they simply removed the <50% shield requirement and 12 second cool down, this skill and Capacitance would actually be a fun combo. Gaining 90% shield back every 6 seconds passively, while not a top tier ability, would still be fun and with Fuzzy Math to fill in between this COM could be a decent survival option. At the present though, Keep Them Safe is just too conditional to be the lynchpin of a COM.


Replace Better Toys with almost anything, and the com becomes a lot more palatable.

Removing the condition triggers would help make Keep Them Safe more managable, but if we still need to spec Fuzzy Math to maximize Capacitance’s usefulness…it really defeats the appeal of running a com that has a capstone skill in the first place (accessing the capstone and skills to make use of it without investing in the tree).

I also feel like automated attack commands on its own should offer utility that appeals to any build, not just one that invests into pet damage, but the majority of attack command secondary effects range from mediocre to outright negative (RIP eridian skag) and at this point I assume that will never be addressed. :frowning: Maintaining AC related anointments is a great idea until you look at the fact that one is garbage (8% movement speed lol) and the other is survivability oriented but only spawns on weapons. The upkeep for the terror anointment is far and away the best choice, but even that runs into the issue of running a terror build around one anointment, since you’ll be resetting terror stacks every 6 seconds.


This was what I predicted on that thread, 1.5 months ago. I apologize for getting it almost exactly right, lol.

But like you said, at least mine focuses on damage, not on survivability. This class mod is pretty garbage.


It’s been a pretty common idea. I posted something similar back in March. Of course, I don’t think anyone who suggested this ever expected the COM would launch with no pet damage…


(Cries in Red Fang, which has been broken since launch)

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What is wrong with red fan

It just straight up does not grab aggro often, which breaks the whole purpose of using this COM.

And yet, the forum ■■■■ on me for bringing this to attention…


As far as I can tell, the new COM is still bugged. At least with the WAR Loader. Eventually it only attacks you with rockets, and does nothing else. Which is less than useful.


… It doesn’t make you immune to damage you big silly goose. You’re getting hit by cross fire. The red fang does work, you’re just moving like a snail and standing between enemies and the bobble-headed skag they’re shooting. And yes, sometimes with certain enemies and wotan, you can get targeted. But even all of that is uncommon. The red fang pulls aggro almost perfectly.