Analyzing the DLC character concept art

Trying to kill time at work so I brought the DLC character concept art into photoshop and then did some speculating on each character and what all we had currently for characters at launch.

Link to original concept art:

Link to my edit of the art:

With Alani confirmed Eldrid and support, and seeing the star on the avian’s shoulder (thus UPR), I started to break down the roles, genders, and factions before and after DLC, and then some other thoughts about each possible DLC character.

…I had a lot of time to kill.

Before DLC - Faction Roles and Genders
The Last Light Consortium: 3 Attackers, 1 Defender, 1 Support (1 Female, 4 males)
The Eldrid: 2 Attackers, 2 Defenders, 1 Support (2 Females, 2 Males, 1 Miko)
The Rogues: 3 Attackers, 1 Defender, 1 Support (3 Females, 2 Males (3 if you count Aurox. I won’t))
United Peacekeeping Republics: 3 Attackers, 2 Defenders (1 Female, 4 Males)
The Jennerit Imperium: 3 Attackers, 1 Defender, 1 Support (2 Females, 3 Males)

Gender in short:
9 Female, 15 Male, 1 Miko
Note: Roughly 2 females per 3 males.

Roles in short:
14 Attackerrs, 7 Defenders, 4 Supports

Ranged and melee characters have a similar breakdown to gender: 15 Ranged characters and 10 Melee characters.
(I haven’t played all the characters so I could be wrong here)

Some observations about factions:
UPR: Star emblems, big and heavy guns, gear, ammo belts
Jennerit: Sharp polygonal shapes, triangles, bio-cybernetic
Rogues: Scrappy and scrawny and tattered (even Toby’s big mech suit is scratched up)
LLC: Ornamental, robotic
3 Factions have 3 Attackers, 1 Defense, 1 Support
UPR has no support

Now diving into the DLC character speculation.

So far, only Alani is confirmed and has a wikia page:

Alani - Eldrid support, female.

Gender notes:
Unless all 5 DLC are female, I imagine the gender to remain 2 females for every 3 male.
Alani is 1 female, therefore we could expect 3 males and 1 more female to be revealed. (Unless we get another Miko)
This would put the gender breakdown at: 12 females, 17 males, 1 Miko

Doing some math suggests the following role count after DLC:
17 Attackers, 8 Defenders, 5 Support

While not true in every case, males tend to have bigger hands, feet, body structure than female characters.
Each faction will get 1 DLC character. Alani is confirmed Eldrid.

DLC character analysis:

Alani (confirmed)
Gender: Female. Puts Eldrid at 3 Female, 2 Male and 1 Miko
Role: Support
Faction: Eldrid
Melee/Ranged: Melee? Not comfirmed. Basing it on that she has no visible weapon.

Grenadier Chicken
Gender: Male. Based on 2/3 split. Little about the design suggests a gender, other than small hands and feet (compared to Benedict). UPR only has one female though (and a female grenadier bird seems like a cute
idea, imo.)
Role: Attacker. Although UPR has no support, the faction seems to focus heavily on Attacker roles. Also, math suggests only one support and Alani is confirmed support.
Faction: UPR. The same star on the shoulder pad that UPR armor sports (like Benedict’s chestplate).
Melee/Ranged: Ranged. Just based on looks and that big grenade launcher.

Jennerit Cyborg
Gender: Female. Basing it on the thin waist and skirt-like armor. Puts Jennerit at 3 male and 3 female.
Role: Attacker? Doesn’t appear to be a heavy defender type.
Faction: Jennerit just based on the silhouette. Angular shapes like Ambra, massive cybernetic arm like Attikus
Melee/Ranged: Unsure. Cybernetic arm looks like it could be some kind of a cannon but both limbs taper off to stinger-like weapons which may suggest melee?

Snake (because forked tongue)
Gender: Male. Based on the 2/3 split. Little about the design suggests a gender.
Role: Attacker? Basing that on what appear to be two small scythe-like weapons and agility-looking silhouette. Could be venom/poison-based because snake = venom, and typical game rogues love venom/poison blades.
Faction: Rogues. Just based on deduction. Clothing is a bit ragged. He is also scrawny like Shayne.
Melee/Ranged: Melee? Could throw the scythes I suppose.

Jet Robot (Giant pilot helmet, wings, giant afterburner nozzle on back and legs)
Gender: Male. Based on the 2/3 split and that all of the massive characters so far are male.
Role: Defender. Massive body tends to suggest this role.
Faction: Last Light Consortium. LLC are into big robot stuff with ornamental features. Silhouette doesn’t appear to have the aesthetics but it’s not a detailed drawing either. The joints are thin like ISIC’s
and Marquis.
Melee/Ranged: Melee. No visible weapons, just hands and big armor. Could be a defender that flies/crashes into enemies and beats on them?

Feel free to speculate too if you want.


Fun speculation! I have just one thing to say, your gender breakdown os slightly off. Marquis and ISIC are represented as male but they are AI and neither really. Also do we know for sure what calderius is? I mean the synthesized voice could be hiding male or female…or another miko!

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And technically Kelvin is another Miko and nor specifically a gender (although he definitely has a “male” feel to him)

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They’ve referred to him as “he”, so male confirmed. His voice actor being the voice actor of Nappa from the Dragonball series kinda cements this


From official website:


Caldarius won his name, fame, and eternal Sustainment in the Jennerit Fighting Pits. Clad in his J-HTX Assault Frame, the Jennerit shock trooper dominates battlefields with incredible mobility and efficient, effective hit-and-run strikes.

So definitely a him and a humanoid wearing armor.

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Never trust devs who are hiding what things are to be honest about the hidden things they are hiding!

That was fun to say :blush:

More serious, I know it says he from what we’ve seen, but the devs could be nessing with us. This is gbx afterall, and they’ve been way secretive about the tiny gundam…enough that nothing would surprise me popping out of that mech at this point. I mean, wouldn’t be cool to find out cal is the empress, and everything was faked to throw rendain off her trail? Are you really so sure you would trust gbx not to do that to us for the giggles?

As someone who completed all of Caldarius’ Lore Challenges the day the Open Beta ended, I can confirm this is not the case. Caldarius has been in the armor for so long that he’s forgotten what his own face looks like

I’m fairly certain your right, I just won’t trust it till confirmed in actual release.

pretty much what I’ve assumed so far, it’s easy to talk your self into a variety of things though. Like I could see the big mech being UPR, they’re the only faction with a mech unit(besides Eldrid obivously), the grenadier being a former UPR but now Rogue, and then the snake looking thing being a Jennerit while the winged girl is LLC… But it’s hard to tell from the images and we dont know how close they’ll be to the actual characters

Also I loved the “1 Miko”, I laughed everytime I saw that

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I’m kinda picturing Jennerit angel lady as some sort of bio-med scientist character with huge terrifying needles, given those long, thin appendages on either arm; her right arm being a kind of cybernetic swiss-army-knife of scary scientific implements.

The mention of Attikus’ arm made me remember a line in one of his lore bits, from when he was a still a lab monkey and his intelligence was first emerging. The project head’s log stated that Attikus had been looking fondly at a female Jennerit researcher, and the project head noted his personal disgust at the notion. Could be she was one of the lab techs working on/with Attikus, possibly sympathetic once the thrall developed true intelligence and a recognizable human breadth of emotion.

That said, we’re in deep speculation territory here, and it’s also possible Attikus was just being a lech. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I love that theory, as an Attikus fan (despite feeling like he has a lot of difficulty in this game) that would be the best. Also love the idea of crazy instruments coming out of the arm - she could be a combat medic type even though we have Ambra already, another choice would be neat. Maybe has to drain health then can disperse it to the team?

so, miko doesnt have a sex? somewhat makes sense, but i always saw him as a man. could be the broad back and flat chest :v i like the idea of him/her/it/wut being asexual.

Miko is genderless and we can safely assume asexual. There’s also speculation that Miko, like Kelvin, is actually made up of many smaller organisms - mushroom spoors in this case. Though the voice actor is male, that doesn’t automatically assign a gender to Miko. Look at Zer0: we still don’t know if it’s male or female; the voice sounds synthesized, so it could be one or the other or neither.

can’t really imagine a woman with that body and that voice more than i can imagine a man with that body and that voice. then again, hormones.

i hadnt tought about kelvin, maybe because i relate “rocks” with Dwayne Johnson.

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probably smells bad under that, needs a bath as well.

I’m gonna say, I’ve personally inverted the assumptions on Jennerit and LLC, I think the big stompy Mech is a Jennerit and the Angelic looking silhouette is LLC, though with the two being more or less ‘highly robotic looking’ as being their core characteristics, it is fairly ambiguous

This is primarily based on size ratios between the two, Jennerit’s only ‘large’ character is Attikus, while the LLC have Isic, Kleese, and Dragon as fairly large and distinguishable targets (and Phoebe’s profile isn’t exactly subtle either.) Caldarius, Deande, Rath, and Ambra are all very small in comparison, which leaves room for another ‘Big’ target for the Jennerit, and another ‘small’ one for the LLC.

I also think to specify, the snake looking guy is going to be another ‘disruptor’ Attacker like Ghalt.

this is some great work, I think all are correct but I have some more specific ideas based off of the lore.
the rogues are based in a belt of asteroids that are mined for shards, so I think the snakes weapons are not scythes but closer to pick axes or ice axes. there was also a piece of gear a while ago that came up with a statement from “Oxo Lorr” I think this snake is Oxo Lorr.
the jennerit cyborg I think is going to e empress lenore but that is mainly because it looks like a female jennerit character and that is the only other Jennerit character that we have seen. It’s the same reason I might think the LLC robot might be the magna carta magnus. Rendain was an assistant to empress lenore and he has a massive mech arm and in some pictures can be seen to have a cape that looks in the same design as the wing like structure in the silhouette of the Jennerit character so if its not the empress it is going to be a high born Jennerit

God damn…
discovered this pic just a day ago and searched for a thread like this.
Think exactly the same way about those Characters…
i’ve put the pic in photoshop and tried a few filters to see more details too.

Would confirm fractions - LCC, Peacekeepers, Eldrid, Rogue, Jennerit (from left to right)
I hope this LLC Char will be Nova in a mech body x)
Could fit, since it looks like something that can fly, with the pilot-helmet, those wings on its shoulders, and the turbines underneath.
I just miss the shiny LLC ornaments on this one :confused:

But I cant wait for the Jennerit-girl with this big cyborg arm <3
Besides to the female silhouette, it looks like she got long hair with side parting, wearing somekind of glasses and there seems to be something thin, needle-like wich could be part of her left arm, or something she is holding in her left hand (the thin line between herm Cyborg-arm, and her hips)

On looks/design.
Alani - Not digging it.
Snake - So far so good.
“Chicken” - So far so good.
Mech/Robot - If robot, ISIC is better. If Mech, Toby is cuter so idk where they going with it.
Humanoid - Not liking it.

I remember a thread talking about DLC character and wanting like a female Benedict, but instead of a hawk, she’s an elephant. Not to say sh would be fat, but instead muscular.
My hope for the “chicken” is for him/her to be an “Engineer” of sort. Turrets!

I’m surprised no one threw out the nova speculation for the big robot on the left. I mean she mentions having a robot suit in the sabateur mission, and the debs have already stated they are on board for nova being a playable character. I think the left one is indeed nova, putting her in the llc faction.

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