Anarchy build idea - thoughts?

Based on skill discussion from this page:

My idea with this build is to focus on building and using anarchy stacks to take stuff out quickly, general mobs or bosses. Deathtrap is mostly there to distract/take heat. I would like to be able to use this build to take out many raid bosses in solo or coop without a respec. And I want the build to be useful for general mob killing.

I went under the assumption that melee and deathtrap are not the focus this time. Upshot robot could probably be taken out. Interspersed outburst should be higher probably. Or rather, higher for mobbing in UVHM or not used when I’m fighting the dragons in Tina’s campaign.

I tried to avoid anything that is poorly rated on the skill discussion page.

Continuing the discussion from "Best Build" for Gaige?:

Ok, the thing about IO is: Have it at 10/5 or 0/5. If you look at the data about it, you will see why. Otherwise, it’s a solid build.

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Also, what COM do you plan on using? That’s another important question.

Had no plans there. Except one that works with my build. If I find a good one that helped IO then I’ll consider that one. What do you suggest?

There are only two that help IO, the Technophile and the Legendary Catalyst. But with max Anarchy, it might be unnecessary to have IO depending on your weapons. I like to think of IO as a skill for Jakobs shotguns since they are always reloading meaning you’ll usually have 2 or 3 stacks by the time you fire on the next enemy, while with my Hail build I don’t take the skill at all because it’s wasted points. It all depends on your weaponry.

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