Anarchy focused with some elemental damage build

First of all,i’d like to say that i’m kind of familiar with Gaige.I am still leveling and right now i’m in TVHM.I really like the anarchy skill and i was wondering if this build would work fine or if there’s something to readjust.

Right now this build doesn’t use any kind of class mods.I may change it once i get a good class mod.

Also should i get only shock and fire weapons ? Or do i need 1 of each element.

Just tagging the more knowlegeable Gaige players like @chuck80 , @MidnightNova. Also @Adabiviak, but he’d recommend a build based around the Wanderlust and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[quote=“ChemicalConundrum, post:2, topic:1553547”]he’d recommend a build based around the Wanderlust and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
[/quote]heh - I don’t know if I’d recommend that for someone else (although this build is made for a shock Wanderlust), but that sounds like a great idea for this evening’s combat. :thumbsup:

I think that build will work. I might take at least one point from Myelin or More Pep (whichever you’re least fond of) and put it in Strength of Five Gorillas, but mostly because a number of her fun COMs hit that. If you’re trying to min/max here, there are other suggestions, but this should get you through Pandora fine.

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Looks solid but if you get coms that have Cooking Up Trouble or Strength of 5 Gorillas (a lot of her coms have the last skill) I’d suggest taking 2 points from Interspersed Outburst and using them there…

Other than that,will it work in OP8 ? What kind of weapons do i need ? Shock/Fire shotguns,smgs and rifles ?

Pretty close to my level 72 build. As with @Adabiviak’s suggestion, mine moves points from Myelin into SoFG. Most of my weapons are shock on that build, because any shock damage you do can trigger Electrical Burn so fleshies get their shield stripped, are slagged from Interspersed Outburst, and catch fire - quite efficient, really! I usually have one corrosive and one explosive on deck for awkward situations and armoured foes. Works well with Kittens and/or Hails. I also use a Monstrous Storm sniper and a shock practicable Butcher on that character, along with Quasar grenades.

Edit - more details including gear suggestions here:

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This build is maybe 10 skill points away from my shock build.

Get a Leg. Catalyst COM, shock bone and a chain lightning, and watch everything flesh die VERY fast :stuck_out_tongue:
If you go that way, 2-3 points in EB are enough to be reliable.

Shields Wise, I recommend either a big Turtle to get the most out of BSS, or the Transformer :slight_smile:

Edit: find some points to put in CUTrouble, it’s worth it.


Good to know!

Darn. I missed the fun.

It’s actualy not too far off on how I run my OP8 build.
@Chuck80 & @Adabiviak & @VaultHunter101 seem to have helped you with the skillbuild, and pretty much covered it all.

Personally, (and since Chuck already mentioned the Leg. Catalyst), I’d stil like to chime in to try out a good Prodigy or Leg. Anarchist.


Aight thanks for the feedback. I have revamped my build.
This build is using the Leg Catalyst


Looking good - let us know how you like it!

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Looks good to me too.

Depending on the gear you use, you may find the better half to not be that great… And CuTrouble is always good.

A good choice here is a Jakobs coach gun with a Tediore grip : you get a stack every reload, can’t reload by accident, it’s plenty powerful and procs S&A all the time.


If i decide to switch to Anarchist/Prodigy, do i need to change my build and weapon setup?

Don’t think so. While damage output will vary a bit (and no Catalyst means less chance on IO) I don’t think changes need to be done to ksills/loadout on this set up.

If it werent for @Carlton_Slayer I wouldn’t have noticed this (damn my brain), but if you intend on using the leg. Anarchist, one point in UF would be nice.

The only skill a L. Anarchist wouldn’t hit with your build is Unstoppable Force- other than that your build is pretty flexible…

Right,thanks again.Will put 1 point into UF then.

If you’re not using a leg Catalyst, you should put those points back into EB. 2-3 points is enough to be reliable … When you have a COM boosting it. Without it, 5 points is a must IMO.

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Dumb question.Which Jakobs shotguns are with Tediore grip ?

All can spawn with Tediore grip. It’s a matter of luck.

Figures… thanks for the info though