Anarchy shotgun build?

Are there any shotgun builds out there for gaige? I love using the conference call on her, wondering if the deputy badge is worth it to go along with it or a bone would be better?

The Bone is multiplicative, meaning that it multiplies your Anarchy rather than just adding to it, thus heavily outclassing the Deputy Badge in terms of raw damage (assuming you using the gun of corresponding element. Thus, unless you don’t have the have matching grip on your shotgun to mitigate it reload speed, the Bone is the best option.

As for great Shotgun Builds for Gaige, I’d recommend a build something along the lines of this.

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I use variations on this. The obvious goal with this is maxing Nth Degree. I use BoA’s - but the reload speed from the dep’s badge is very nice ( damage boost is irrelevant ). The COM I use 99% of the time is a Legendary Catalyst.

With a Bee shield and 250 stacks (my maximum), a CC is completely crazy.

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Those both looks good, I do love dt too BTW. Never was really a fan of the lbt tree excluding mylin and strength of gorilla. I usually rock out with a fiber and CC but 90% of the time I find myself using the cc because of the amazing damage output instead of aiming at the ground with the fibber.
For a more dt/Oc does this look good?

That looks solid. I don’t generally spec BFF ever so not in a position to suggest any changes. If using a Bee and a Bone , possibly pull from 20% for Fancy Math?

Hmm didn’t think about that one, sadly I only use bee for bosses otherwise I run blockade or antagonist. I’ll give that a try though.

Looks solid.
The Deputy Badge is usually better with Jakobs shotties, as reload speed is a good thing for them.
So, with the Fibber and CC, you want a matching bone and a COM boosting The Better Half. The Legendary Mechromancer is a good option, as you like playing around Death Trap too.

Also, have you thought about wearing Roid Shields? Blood Soaked Shields gives you a lot of protection already, and the Punchee has good stats overall. Would benefit DT a lot. I mean, a LOT.

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Been trying out different class mods too, between the mechro and anarchist. Should the anarchist only be used for stacking and then once capped swap to mechro? Again I’m only using 1 win win fire fibber, 1 win win corrosive fibber and fire CC(other elements in inventory) and norfleet for ffyl and the antagonist/blockade for me and the hide for dt.

Your gear is fine. I prefer the Antagonist because it can stack Nth Degree.
Both CC and Fiber get a lot from The Better Half (and fire rate in general), so a Chaotic Necromancer should be fine. It also give something for DT in MoSS and So5G but is nowhere near the CDR from the Legendary Mechromancer.
Being honest, I usually use the Necromancer when a) running the peak. There is no element matching boost outside some bosses, so WDT at 10/5 is amazing when paired with shock guns. And b) when I have to fight a boss and Im running a LBT setup.

If you have Sharing is Caring or a regular BFF/OC setup, the Legendary Mechromancer is almost always what gives the most to you.
Even when Raiding, I would think about the Prodigy before the Necromancer COM.

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Cool, I do have a chaotic good necro, +6 wires and +5 gorilla but I don’t play lbt. So even mechro mod is better then anarchist even though it has the +gun damage?

I find the +gun damage quite redundant, as it is the same as few Anarchy stacks.
I like the Legendary Anarchist when Im playing with shotguns that pack more punch like the Hydra, Orphan Maker etc as they get more from reload speed than fire rate. Also, this COM gives you more protection to support a in your face playstyle.
Your loadout is the other way: they have a good magazine size, so fire rate is better for them.

Ok, so anarchist for stacking and then mechro mod it is.

Well, the Anarchist is a solid COM to be honest. But it is best used with Jakobs and Torgue shotties, as they pack more punch than Hyperion and Bandit ones, per say.

If you want to stack really fast, Speedy Punk is the COM you want. They cut your mag size and boost a lot your reload speed.
But you kinda lose DPS with all the mag loss, even with the boost to reload speed.

I would say Legendary Mechromancer for regular mobbing and the Prodigy (+reload speed without mag size penalty, +accuracy to make up for Anarchy penalty, +6TBH and CuT for healing) for Raiding.