Anarchy shotgun ps4

Will trade any and all items in vault and inventory for anarchy shotgun.

Lol got any boom sickles

Unfortunately no

Do you have the new moze class mod?

I can’t get any of the dlc, that’s why I’m looking for an anarchy :confused:

any schredifier? or redistributor with consecutive hits?

I do have a shredifier, i have a couple redistributers but no consecutive hit ones i don’t think

what anoint on the schredifier?

Doesn’t have one :\

ah so close… one last thing: mirv hex with on grenade throw anoint?

I actually havent found a single hex grenade and I’ve had the game since it came out lol

I will trade you one… which one are you looking for does element or anointment matter. Also, do you have 57 lvl redistributers with sntl cryo anointments? :acmferro: :acmhmm: