Anarchy Shotgun Tips

  1. You will want annointments/skills that increase fire rate. The damage bonuses given from natively reloading will far out perform even the best of damage annointments.

  2. Skills/annointments that increase accuracy are a good bonus as well.

  3. Never try and open an ammo chest ever again, one slip up and BOOM.


What does this shotgun exactly? I m guessing it is a reference to old Gaige skill but never was big on this character

It stacks increased damage (30%) every time you kill something, up to 300% I believe (as long as you don’t prematurely reload). Once you’ve notched up a few kills then you can basically one shot most things and even badasses take less than a clip. It’s an absolute monster

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ah so it is like tankman shield but top tier version

I’ve been wanting to try something out but haven’t had the time, if you get all 10 stacks shoot one shot and reloaf I wonder how much the explosion will deal by sacrificing all the stacks.

I wouldn’t use the explosions vs. just firing it. Very powerful.

More tips and notes here. I ran the whole DLC (having found an anarchy in the first 15 minutes) with this single gun.


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Why’s this?

I’m assuming the reload will one shot you if you miss the chest open hitbox and reload instead. This is a good rule of thumb for tediores in general.

I got one in a troll version( ‘shoot me’ reload and elemental anoint on a kinetic)
Does someone know if this anoint works with status effect brought by VH passive skill like Amara infusion or Moze extra fire damage?

How would this happen? Do you have the reload and use keys bound to the same key?

No, it’s because if you accidentally reload the gun it resets your stacks to zero, a la the old Gaige skill.

Controllers have reload and open mapped to the same button


Contextual button prompts: the oldest enemy of the console Borderlands player.


As a Gaige main, I actually remapped my steam controller to have open be a back paddle :joy::joy:


Eww… like there is a single control, “reload/use”? That certainly adds some spice to playing Gaige. :laughing:


This has been a Blast Master problem with Moze the entire time on consoles. You can’t seperate reload/use at all there.

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I have been using Anarchy by max stacking it (shooting at nothing and allowing it to reload) while next to a vending machine, so I can jump into boss fights stacked with a full load of ammo. Took multiple deaths to come to my senses and try this. In some arenas it is literally one shot. (Amara, M2)

One significant difference between Anarchy the skill and Anarchy the shotgun is you can stack by auto-reloading while not in combat, as @ dleithaus mentions.
In BL2 you could not just stand there with a coach gun next to a vendor and blast away, building stacks. Stacks would only increase if you auto-loaded in combat.
The Shotgun,however, allows you to stack at a vendor. So you should always be fully stacked.
Here are some numbers from the firing range on damage.
This is with a;
Lvl 57 Deluxe Anarchy, 426x13, no additional buffs
NO CRITS during this test.
0 reload - 13k
1 reload - 17k
2 reload - 22k
3 reload - 29k
4 reload - 37k
5 reload - 49k
6 reload - 64k
7 reload - 110k
8 reload - 162k
9 reload - 182k
10 reload - Did not see any increase here, so the final stack count might be incorrect.
Tested in the field and on the dummy to normalize data.
For Zane,with both clone and drone active, 223k.

Tried together good data for Zane in motion but wasn’t reliable on getting all pellets to hit.

So there you go.
EDIT: Yes I did post this in two threads to have people tracking each see it. Hint Hint, merge threads, which I dunno how to do.

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I was messing around farming xam and tom. After a bunch of kills, maybe 12 or so, the gun seemed to lose the buff but I still saw the red glow.

Not sure if anyone has noticed this.

Is any one experiencing a bug with the anarchy shotgun? When I play as beastmaster and I use the fade away skill and my gun goes invisible and after the skill it stays invisible.