Anarchy... Tediore's tactical nuke?

Now that you can gain anarchy stacks by manually reloading the weapon, results were… quite explosive I must say

and what’s the deal with +36% action skill dmg? it seems to be doing more than increasing FitSD dmg by 36%
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FitSD goes up to somewhere around 300-500% on mayhem 10. And I believe action skill damage multiplies on top of that.

It can get pretty ridiculous.

They took the risk away, and it’s just free damage now? I mean, that’s fine, but I’m surprised they did that.

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@Adabiviak There were certain … ways … to reload cancel the Anarchy but still gain stacks. I don’t know too much about it because I don’t like the Anarchy shotgun, but I know the basics. All you had to do previously was start the reload animation, not complete it. Now you have to complete the reload animation to gain a stack. I am sure someone else could explain this better, but those are the basics of why it was changed IIRC.

on the other hand the stacks will reset if you die from the explosion when you throw the weapon, or if you go into IB/FFYL before the thrown weapon explode. You can see it in my video at around 10:25

I thought the Iron Bear thing was supposed to be fixed for the Anarchy? It was mentioned in a previous patch.

they did, I was talking about a special case where you first reload throw the weapon then get in IB while the thrown weapon is still in the air. Most of the time people don’t do this

Ah hah. Good to know. I don’t use the Anarchy often, but I have one in my backpack for those odd occasions I want to play with it.

Sorry to revive an old thread. I remember in M4 at lvl 57, the Anarchy was too strong for a meta Moze with BlastMaster. Is it still the case for M10 with same build?

I am gonna farm for one but it might be a while to get a decent one.

You won’t feel like you are cheating like in the old M4 days but it’s still one of the top shotguns, and it’s way easier to stack up now. You can still clear TMTD without issues using the old Blast Master build. You can also use it like a regular tediore weapon and go with another COM than BM, just don’t kill yourself with the throw xD

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Cool. Good to know.

Wasn’t this always the case even back in M4. I’m pretty sure it was because that’s what I did before opening the gate in MTD

IIRC it built stacks on automatic reloads and kills. As in, don’t press the reload key, like Gaige in BL2.

Now it simply builds stacks on any reload.

The best part is that it doesn’t lose stacks on using Iron Bear.

Wait? So if I switch guns and reload those guns, I am still gaining stacks? If yes, wow!

Oh I get it now.

No, but I believe you can cancel the reload animation and get stacks that way. Once you swap weapons it goes away.

Ok I just did a solo true M10 MTD, Anarchy still owns with Blast Master Moze and one shots most enemies still. The bosses though takes multiple shots unlike before where they are also one-shotted.

If I read correctly, the Iron Bear losing stack bug has been fixed? Also do you lose stacks on FFYL? Half of the time it felt I didn’t but there were times it felt I did.

No. You only lose stacks on switch. You don’t even lose stacks to fast travel.

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I think if you start to reload and it gets interrupted you lose your stacks. Like throwing a grenade or getting put in fight for you life while a reload starts. I was trying to figure out where my stacks were disappearing to last night.


Interesting. I’ll have to test that.