Anarchy variant

Howsit guys

Just wanted to check if I have been wasting my time farming for an elemental maxxed out anarchy with 150% rad anoint… seems like the game wont allow such a variant to spawn… or just ultra rare?


Essentially these are as close as I have managed to come…

Anarchy can go up to x20 and this variant is quite rare, additionally Anarchy comes in multiple elements, then you also want urad on it, good luck. It probably exists (No reason for it to not be a thing, but good luck anyhow)

Yoh man, its rough… been farming for a couple weeks now… the worst part about it is that the dedicated drop is I think possibly the worst drop rate in the entire game…

it obviously can spawn but good luck getting it

Ya I just wondered because the game seems to base drop variants based on trade-offs - i.e. high end of max damage rolls means low mag size; elemental variants means low end of max damage… ens. I have noted patterns on most of the dps and damage per mag variables…

you can check what parts come on the guns in save editor for example

ya shot, I guess its just heaviliy weighted rather than hard-coded trade-offs