Anchormen... tough to snipe?

Has anyone one- (or even two-) shotted an Anchorman with a non-Pimpernel sniper rifle shot to the critical spot? Is it that little pale porthole on their face? Is it just me, or is that pretty tricky to hit?

I mean, while they’re pretty dangerous if they get their mitts on you and they have an actual defensive move, they’re not the hardest things to deal with out there (I actually think they’re a fun ‘tank’ enemy). Headshotting them though has been eluding me.

I’m playing Zer0 on OP3 with BAR on (20% buffs), the sniper tree is maxed out, target is slagged and marked for death, I have a Legendary Sniper COM and sniper damage relic using a Buffalo (high damage, high accuracy with just enough zoom to be able to put that shot where I want it from a safe distance; Elephant Gun requires me to get a little too close for comfort)… like I’m loaded for bear here. I think if I could hit that spot out of Decepti0n, he’d be down.

edit - I think it is that little porthole. :grimacing: Got a couple of them down to a sliver of health with a single critical hit from the Buffalo. I’m not sure I could pull it off without a little more oomph though (like maybe an amp shield, a lucky/daring shot from the Elephant Gun, or a cross-map shot from the Godfinger).

2nd edit - Ok, I got lucky a couple of times with the Elephant gun. Still, those dudes squirm around a lot; I can’t reliably make that shot.

I do have issues reliable critting these guys as well

They’re definitely one of the more challenging enemies to take on if you are aiming for critical hit strikes. Once or twice I have been able to do it but I generally just swap to some other weapon to hose them down. Compared to Captain Flynt though these guys are significantly easier in my experience.

I am trying to “expand my horizons” when using my Jakobs allegiance build. Their shtick is higher critical damage (and, of course, one-hit kills), but in reality, dropping everything with single shots to the head (or whatever passes for a critical spot) is tricky. Specifically, I’m trying to wean myself off of the Bekah and Twister for enemies that I can’t easily headshot.

I never tried Captain Flynt… small crit spot?

Captain Flynt’s critical hit location is behind his helmet and is about as large as that of the anchormen. You MIGHT be able to get him in the eyes but I never been successful with that but I do know the back of his noggin is a good spot. He can also move a lot faster than anchormen when he is lit on fire.

As for sniping I don’t actually use sniper rifles, at least on Maya, anymore. I generally stick with the Unforgiven on her and use the Elephant Rifle on Axton.

I use a Dahl Railgun. With one or two shots at the most , takes them down everytime.