Ancient Dragons' Health

I know that Brood has the lowest HP, Boost’s HP may be the same as Brood’s but seems like more because he cannot be slagged, and Healianth and Incinerator have higher health. But, what are the exact percentages of each Dragon’s health bar?

I think bahroo did a video that showed all the raids health at 72 and op8 when UVHM 2 came out. I don’t have a link but it should be was enough to search for.

@Derch Hmm, that makes it a bit of a chore to find the video. But, remind me when UVHM 2 came out?

I just googled “bahroo raidboss health” and first result

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@Derch Thanks :slight_smile: .

Ok so, in order from lowest health to highest health: Boost, Brood, Incinerator, and Healianth.

And, in order from fastest-to-die to longest-to-die: Brood, Boost, Healianth, and Incinerator.