Ancient Dragons of Destruction Help

I need three people to help. Legendary gear or higher only. psn Hitman-Chan

What level are you fighting them at

level 50
with Bee, infintey, shredifier, white death, magic missile, unkept herald and fibber.
I am a siren who can revive people.

If I can I will use my op8 zerker but idk if u want to just kill them or have a fair fight.

Edit: you have a white death on ps3 it’s suppost to be called lyudamila

kill them

can you do it in an hour?

i know it was difficult to spell though

Sorry man I’m at school but either around 8:30 tonight or after 4:30 tommrow
Also thanks for clarifying the name.

got any gear that we can ‘trade’ so i can use it when i have the handsome collection.

What level gear I have op8 lvl 72 and some lvl 50 stuff

8;30 is fine
if not then can you do thursday or friday?

any good grenades or alkaline, or fire immune bees?

Yeah Friday should be good if tonight isn’t
Also what lvl gear do you need and what’s your psn:
I have some good grenades and maybe a alkaline bee

Hitman-Chan whats yours. also any level as i am getting The handsome collection for christmas. 50 or 72.

Ok so lvl 50-72 got it
Also mine is pooptang

just spell it like that?

Just like that

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i have an OP8 keblaster if you want to ‘Trade’ it

do you have a mike?