Ancient Dragons of Destruction - still have elemental issues? Class issues

Do the Ancient Dragons of Destruction still have elemental issues? I’m referring to the bug (or design?) where dragons getting damaged an element in midair will be resistant or immune to a damage type when it lands?

This issue made me feel like only certain classes had a decent chance at beating the dragons solo. And also how damaging a dragon in midair is what convinces it to land means you basically don’t want to do uncontrolled damage.

Sal and Zero come to mind as strong classes to solo or coop the dragons. Their action skills are useful during the raid and they won’t do damage they didn’t intend.

Maya, Krieg, Axton, and Gaige all have a variety of ways to do un-directed damage and/or not benefit enough from their action skill during the fight. Krieg is somewhere in between. Thankfully you can use the two left trees to avoid the issues mostly.

Continuing the discussion from [Axton’s guide to raidsDDD}:

Don’t know if it was a bug or intentional design, but the last time I did the dragons it still applied. One good Jakob’s weapon is all you need (and you should have one anyway!)

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I’ll probably go in as Zero and then Krieg the next times I play. I’ll play em from scratch or maybe power leveled to 30 and then up to level 72 + op levels. For the moment though I’m still playing the pre sequel’s 6 characters up to 60 (or more if they raise it again) + campaign when that releases. So, it may be a while.

More likely to be a bug, if I recall correctly this happens with enemies that undergo some kind of transformation/change in behaviour such as loot midgets jumping from crates/containers, skag/goliath riders dismounting and flying loaders upon landing.

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I had no idea it applies to other enemies! Probably explains how sometimes certain dudes just seem so damn tough.

There are several enemies with elemental issues like OMGWTF.

Midgets on nomads shields as well, or you getting perms slagged is the same issue. It’s not going to get fixed, its even in TPS.

Bummer. Why can’t these dudes figure out their “state” based stuff? Reminds me of two other issues:

a) getting in or out of a vehicle messing up your bonuses (I think they eventually fix this kind of thing)
b) dying while frozen in TPS respawns you in a permanent slow state

Crossing fingers that the next Borderlands has this kind of thing fixed. Maybe a brand new engine?

This is something I really haven’t understood - surely it can’t be that hard to add the cryo effect status to the list of things explicitly reset on respawning?

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Agreed. Borderlands 1 still has an issue where your FFYL countdown doesn’t get reset on death. If you keep dying at a respawn station because the bad guys are spawn-camping you, you might be better off saving and quitting and reloading than struggling indefinitely.

From what I’ve heard these are unreal issues

Are you saying Texas ain’t real?

Cause, Texas is real.

No. I know what you mean. Unreal engine. It could be something like this:

The game engine has events like “player spawning” or “player leaving vehicle” or “three minutes since player was in FFYL”. But some times I suspect the game engine doesn’t trigger those events. So the developers put stuff like “stop applying elemental debuffs” in the “player spawning event” but the engine randomly decides to skip that event.

It’s probably not that simple though. And many of these bugs seem more consistent than “randomly”. They seem to be guaranteed bugs.

I wonder if it happens because these events are threaded somehow? It would make sense that, in a time-sensitive situation with multiple characters (player(s) and NPCs) where multiple events are triggering all the time, that an event thread or two might get dropped in the heat of battle. Just not sure why that would result in persistent effects after a respawn…

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Threaded events kinda makes sense, especially if the threads are targeted to do something at a certain time but end up never triggering or triggering at the wrong time.