Ancient Dragons question

Ok so I used to kill the ancient dragons with my gunzerker using the basic grog/DPUH, but my gunzerker is still currently lvl 73 and I am lvling my siren to 80 right now and I am almost there.

How hard are the dragons to kill at lvl 80 for a Maya? I just have a feeling it is well beyond my abilities to solo, but I would really like to farm a Blockade (I think it drops there anyway)

Also I quit playing for about a year and now I am having issues killing them with my gunzerker, did they get a boost or am I just shooting the reflective dragon at a bad time?

It’s definitely possible to kill them with Maya, but it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do.

If you apply an elemental DoT to them while they’re in the air (slag counts too) they become immune to slag once they land. That could be the issue. Non-slagged it takes waaaay longer to kill them. Also you don’t want to bring down Boost because he will level up the other dragons which increases their damage resistance even more.

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There’s quite a difference between OP0 and OP8 but this is an extremely good guide: