And heeere's ... The stats!


A day late and a dollar short, it seems.

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Fair enuff. Thou point here more about the overall stats than who abandoned the Algo :flag_white:

Anywho: Main damage = Oscar Mike! (Ambra, Dragon, Gali, Phoebe, Rath … are you reading this?)

I’m still not convinced that the stats are real or not intentionally misleading.

I think that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt and we were going to get the skins no matter what.

They say that there are 2 million people signed up. And that over 2.5 million campaign missions were played.

That means that, on average, each person queued up for 6+ matches. (5 people to queue for a mission). Unless they’re counting private solo runs in the numbers.

And then, similar logic for the Competitive, but I definitely played about 40 matches, so I can believe that one.

I believe that. He was one of the most played. He does really good, consistent damage and is available at level 1.

Looks like I’m average then!

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And if so … let’s count our blessings? :unicorn:

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Over 9,000 players got served…

Also, regarding Geoff (“Arachnis the Spider King, Lord of All Spiders”)…:

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