And Here I thought he could've fly

This is really just a pet peeve, but when Ernest was first shown, I remembered how they put an emphasis on Ernest’s Mobility in his Explosive Charge, because like every other game character out there, if you mess with bombs, you’re gotta get blown sky high, but sadly this is not the case with Ernest, Am I the only one kinda sad that you can’t even blow yourself up to behind the first sentry on Overgrowth? i don’t know, I just feel that GBX should buff the distance and height of the push of Ernest’s Concussive Charge? or am I the only one that? I tried testing and trying how far and high i could get but it’s just embarrassing that he can barely get up on a ledge with it, should GBX buff it so Ernest can be a real Bombirdier or do people really don’t care?

You sound insane. he can already cheat on monuments what else do you want?

Cheat? how so?

Is it the egg wall thing?

If you don’t think shooting over walls on the other side of the map and lobbing it onto the sentry is cheating you are crazy.

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To be truthful, I barely play Incursion, but when I do, I never see a Ernest doing that let alone see an Ernest, I play on PS4 so im guessing it’s a PC thing? P.S. Sounds like fun, may try that for funzies, but still just because he has a cheese move on one map doesn’t mean he’s an embarrassing bombirdier that can’t even blow himself up higher than three feets.

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Ugh. This argument has gotten no less boring in the last hundred times I’ve heard it. Let’s skip this.

To the OP: You actually can bounce up behind the sentry in Overgrowth. If you drop it on the wall at just below head height, and detonate it just as you jump, it’s possible. That’s squeezing every last inch of mobility out of it, however - it could possibly use a bit of a buff.

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That’s sound more like an Monuments thing than an Ernest thing really

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Well when I say Overgrowth i mean more as an example, and you can? guess im off to try it, already did and it works but still to specific to accomplish and after that you’ll be at the mercy of the enemy team because you’re a pudgy bird with no reliable escape well maybe if you high tail fast enough to get on your side, still thanks, didn’t know i could do both these things with him, but i still really wish they buff it for it to be a more natural way to traverse and escape on all modes without having to be so specific for the jumps.


Casually tagging @Moostacho here. Ernest can fly large distances, but it may on some level be one of the most difficult things to do in the game as you need fine timing and placement.


@SirWalrusCrow is right - it takes careful timing. I’ve never found the cooldown to be an issue, because I use Expedited Explosives at level 5, but the blast radius of the knockback could use an increase. I’ve no idea if the helix that increases blast radius (level 9 I think?) affects it.


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On topic: I too found it disappointing, @akumakuro4004 some of the points with overgrowth are you can shoot from the middle giant shard(the one across from the shock turret) over the wall to hit the sentry at one point, it may have been fixed but I’m not sure

I think it increases the maximum reach it has, which I find very useful for my play style whenever I use Ernest. Have you noticed that the push has a slightly different effect on Ernest as opposed to the enemy? If you place a mine ahead of Ernest, run towards it, and detonate it just as you get within range, you will be pushed vertically instead of being pushed backwards.

@akumakuro4004 the easiest way to get the hang of it is to start by jumping backwards away from them as you detonate them. I’m sure you’ve got it down though, since you managed to get behind the first sentry.

I used them a bit to navigate around the map in the slow egg demonstration videos I posted if anyone is interested or hasn’t seen Ernest float around with concussive charges.


Moo just what are you man? it really took a bit to get the hang of it though but still maybe make it so they push normally and give a slighter boost if you pick the helix choice, it still feels like you mostly use it for escaping more than traversing but still you play an awesome Ernest, was this by any chance before a patch or something? I swear I don’t see this kind of Ernest often.

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