And now I crit too much

Been out of the country for 4 weeks, got back Monday and fired up BL3 to get back on the path.
And remember 5 weeks ago when I was compiling that the controls were too goosey and I couldn’t crit, and it was driving me crazy?
Well, now I’m critting too much (this is pre the 10/24 patch). I’m getting crits when I have no reasonable expectation that I was even near an enemies head. Picked up a nice legendary Jakobs assault rifle and I’m getting crits across the map, which is very weird.
Did a hot fix expand crit hit boxes? Anyone else seeing better crit rates?

Are you playing Fl4k? Do you have Megavore?

Nah, I should have noted that: Amara with no crit buffs in skills, coms, or anything else.