And people say Galilea is OP

look at this we fight a kelvin hes heath doesn’t even go down
hes sturn is worst then mine… i have to throw the shield not fly everywhere to stun our whole team…

If his health didn’t go down, then it means that the person was using a Kelvin exploit that was present during the BETA but seems to not have carried over.

That or that Kelvin chomped a looooooot of people. lol

They also had a Miko. Miko and Kelvin are made for each other.

You are DESPERATE to defend your broken character arnt you? Kelvins got the LOWEST dps of all the melee classes and no damage reduction. How about showing us damage received numbers? healing received?
Man, a gali complaining about a kelvin, thats rich.


People don’t say she’s OP. She IS OP.

So much so that they have to rework her over multiple major patches.

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shes so OP that i lost a match

Give it up. Everyone knows she is easy mode. Stop trying to hold on to a crutch.

no u just dont’ understand my point…

No your trying to defend a character who you know is OP and broken and your sad cause its confirmed she’s getting an adjustment. you, me, and the whole community know she is OP. You main her yourself and all your posts are about how she isn’t op which is funny. Saying “I’m going to leave and quit playing if they nerf my main” play a different character or just leave. Getting tired of seeing her in every pvp match. If the enemy team has a gal and you don’t odds are you’ll lose lol. Or if you do win that gal was literally walking aroundxD. Hellen Keller could play as galilea and still get top kills she is that OP. and I’m glad the devs are doing something about this, thank you for listening to your customers :smile:. Same thing happened in garden warfare 2 with the rose, now she’s balanced, glad to see it happening here too.

Look at kelvin…

Everyone simmer down. They’re both OP. So is Miko.

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She may be strong but she is by no means OP imo. Compared to Gali every Rath i have seen since launch has got waaaaaay more kills with less deaths.

And im someone who has never used Gali but faced her loads of times.

Kelvin is fine, he’s weak he’s a tank. Sure he’s got a stun but Kelvin is alot more balanced than galilea ever is. And you saying that is like saying they should nerf boldur. His damage is laughable because he is a tank. Galilea is a damage dealer, can tank, absorbs 1k dmg with her shield (that’s as much as boldur starting out!) Can stun, silence, and heal herself. Atk speed is faster than most melee and ig you go down her helix with projectiles at full hp, not only does it travel far, it shoots fast too. And the last swing is basically a shotgun at close ranged. I’ve decimated people by pretending her sword is a shotgun with that helix, I played her too and I got a ridiculous amount of kills to where it wasn’t fun. I stopped playing her because she is in fact broken. You won’t even admit it yourself. You know an adjustment is coming and honestly I feel as though you only play her because you know you’ll score big points with her lol

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thanks for being rude to me…

Rath, sure his dmg is strong and I agree his ult needs a bit of adjusting, maybe turn down the dmg since it hits so much so fast. Not nearly as broken as galilea. Like its bad when I go on the forums for the first Time to see if people are having the same thoughts about her that I do and to my shock alot of people are. So it’s supposed to be coincidence that there are more posts about how op she is than any other character, makes alot of sense I suppose :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel we should stop attacking each other and look at the truths. Kelvin is a very sturdy tank with great utility. Give him a Miko and they are a nigh unstoppable team if done correctly. Galilea and Rath both have OP characteristics and are both probably getting patched soon enough. Miko is an incredibly capable healer and when you pair that with Kelvin’s high HP and ground pound attack they can push very hard. Galilea has very high attack, AoE, Life Steal, and many other combat options that make her much more versatile than she should be. Rath has a cheap tactic that can often destroy a player very quickly when done correctly. Please don’t insult one another.

I’m not trying to be rude by any means but I mean come on, what were the development team thinking when they made her and thinking people wouldn’t catch on to how OP she is

In honesty i cant really comment on wether she is OP or not as i simply havnt struggled against her since full release. I have had waaay more issues with Rath and Phoebe.

A galilea and Miko team is the worst, seen a galilea go 20 and 0 on a meltdown match and pushing my teammates to the spawn point with Miko at her back healing her. My teammates were decimated so bad that I knew if I walked out there, I would be too lmfao