And some how more glitches and bugs are landing into this game, i'm done lol

Don’t know what to say, got on and now I can’t even swap weapons anymore, because my inventory is lying to me apparently. Showing I’m clicking on a cutsman to replace my lyuda, turns out I swapped the lyuda with a queens call? Try to swap again by clicking on the cutsman to swap out the queens call to see I only swapped to a gunarang?

Bruh I’mma just wait till all of the DLCs are out to touch this game again, Big trash, and a HUGE disappointment.

Yes, it’s a bug with the gun images, it appens a lot when you scroll/move items between inventory and equipment (or drop item down)
It’s more present when the game session is at the beginning, after 15min it seems less present.

I report a ticket for this 2 weeks ago and the support prefer asking me for screen/videos/dxdiags… instead of asking their QA if the bug is known…

Maybe we are the QA in fact.


Yeah, i’m just done now. I stopped playing for like a week, came back after playing destiny 2, and thats the first thing I encountered when I got on. This game was not finished, this game is half-baked; very obvious- they’re patching one side of the game to have 2 other sides break because their coding isn’t following suit.

Destiny 2 is fun though, and modern warfare will keep me busy til all 4 DLCs come out

this is not a new bug. dont claim it is a new bug. Only the image is bugged, you just dont read what the guns name is.

Doesn’t matter if it’s new or not , I experienced this to a capacity I did not before. Thus it’s new to me, pretty sure a lot of people can say the same.