And the item card issues continue

I seriously don’t get how this is such a vexing problem for GB. Why can’t they get this right? Not sure if this is an older issue I never noticed or just a new version of what we been seeing in the bank all along but this is my mail and you can see the item card for the item highlighted is mixed up with the item below it. The mail says it’s an SMG but the card says it’s a trinket. When I look at the Trinket it says it’s an SMG…FFS GB why is it so hard to not to have a completely borked interface?

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That is a specific issue with these particular event items. I got two sets (as did many others): one with the right email text to match each item; and one mismatched set. I don’t think that was anything specifically to do with the game itself.

Honestly, don’t know what is worse. The same issue that doesn’t get resolved over a long period of time or different issues that have the same net effect and adds to the broken nature of the interface (especially the bank).

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This is true, but the other items in my mail were bugged in different ways. The top four items above Short Stick and the trinket all said “No Mail Items!” instead of an actual message.