And They'll Tell Two Friends achievement

(brittany) #1

I just need some help getting the achievement ‘And They’ll Tell Two Friends’ for Borderlands. Someone who has it please help!
Xbox 360.

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(Watcher on the wall) #2

Gotcha moved to the 360 online play section.

Best of luck, friendo!

(brittany) #3


(Schwarze Sonne) #4

You’ll most likely get it if you join any online session and I’d suggest joining as a level 1 character so you don’t accidentally pick up any quests from the host’s log. If nobody is online atm I’ll hop on for ya real quick, though. Just let me know!

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(PeterL2014) #5

Brittany I can help if u still need this achievement sorry I didn’t see this sooner

(oskras961) #6

Can you help me with this achievement too?:sweat_smile:

(How much time do we have?) #7

I can help you with that this evening (7-9 pm eastern). You can send a message to Alkymist96 if you’re going to be on-line around that time.

(Charmed) #8

Can someone help me as well.

(How much time do we have?) #9

I can help you tomorrow (Friday). What time are you likely to be on, and what time zone are you in? Send a message on XBL to Alkymist96 mentioning the forums, and we’ll try and work something out.

(Took the liberty of de-listing your duplicate post btw - just trying to keep things together!)

(Charmed) #10

I will be on around 5pm and I’m in the Eastern Time Zone.

(X7 Relentless7x) #11

Hi, does anyone want to help get this achievement on the XB1?