"And They'll Tell Two Friends" Achievement

Is there anyone out there with this achievement that maybe still has this game installed and who can help me out? I no longer have the means to play with my friends, and the PC playerbase for is game is now completely 100% dead, leaving me with no means to obtain it.

For those who don’t know or have forgotten, you can get this achievement by either playing with a Gearbox employee, or someone else who has the achievement. Obviously the latter would be the only option at this point. This one and another are the only achievements I’m missing for this game, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

My Steam handle is SurprisedTree

Is that one of the hidden achievements? I mean, I certainly don’t have it, but I was wondering what was in there.

The achievement is earned by playing with someone who has played with a dev (or gbx employee, not absolutely sure on this part) or someone else who has the achievement.


I have question. Is there still a dev or player who owns the “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” achievements ?

Yep, I have this.

Just to join your game is enough

I also need help getting this achievement. Can someone help me with it please?

EDIT: @billthebetta helped me out with the achievement. I am willing to help other people get the achievement. PM me if you need help


Hi, could you help me with this? add me : “maymorgil” on steam :wink:

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can you help me get this achievement on steam ?

I won’t be able to for a couple of hours.

i know this is an old post but i have hope. is there any chance someone can help me with the achievement?

https://steamcommunity.com/id/bladecraft434/ my steam link if you’re able to. Thank you

Hi, I can help you but Im at work right now so maybe between 17:00 and 20:00 is it good for you ?

Hello, I found on the internet that there should be other two players to get the achievement so if you have a friend who have instaled the game, too we can try again. Its worth a second try. It didnt say that the other player should have the achievement, too.

yes that would be great, i have a second friend with the game. im Australian so next time we are all online i will message you

I’m in - I’ll add you, and if we all wind up online at the same time, it’ll be easier to stumble into it in Steam than try to plan it ahead of time here (so heads up for a random friend request). :stuck_out_tongue:

Double posting here to bump this thread:

@Tragedy, I just added you.

@bladecraft434 and @Train_SVK, are these your profiles? It’s hard to tell sometimes. If so, I’ll add you as well.

Yes, thats my profile, you want to try the achievement ?

Yes, but I don’t know when… I’m going to work in a little bit here. I’ll try to catch you online when I can.

hey guys thanks for the replies but i already got the achievement, good luck