"And They'll Tell Two Friends" not unlocking

I’ve been playing borderlands one the xbox one backwards compatible. This I did completely solo until the mad maxxi’s underdome, where I used a secondary account to scale down the enemies.

This character was played on an account which has the achievement “And They’ll Tell Two Friends”. It didn’t unlock for me thought, so I thought maybe it has to be done on xbox live.

So today I found someone to join to get the achievement, but I joined and even did some missions with him but didn’t get the achievement. He too was playing the game on xbox one backwards compatible.

As a last attempt I went to my attic to get my xbox 360 and try it on that machine, both local co-op and using xbox live, but again it didn’t unlock

Now this is the last achievement I need and it kind of annoys. Is this a known bug/glitch and what can I do to fix it or will it unlock later (doubt it as all the other achievements unlocked immediately as opposed to the delayed xbox one game achievements).

I hope someone can help me.


It’s not something I’ve heard of before, but I had it before switching to the b/c version, and my last attempt to try and help someone get it we couldn’t even connect on co-op. :frowning:

So the short answer is: unknown. I don’t remember it being that glitchy on native 360 though. You could always try filing a support ticket, although I am not sure what queue times are like right now.

Okay, thank you. I’ll file a ticket and hope something comes out of it.