"And They'll Tell Two Friends" Trophy

Anyone actually have this trophy? Also if anyone wants to help me get this trophy, add me on PSN: TheHypnoticGamer. Thanks!

Hey there I’m in the same boat. If anyone has the trophy and can hop in with me PSN is D1rectorGeneral

Yes, I have that trophy, if you weren’t playing the game when it first came out it can be hard to earn it, especially now with most fans playing BL2/ TPS, but yes if you still need it I’ll be happy to help out, (plus I have lots of weapons to trade/ give, lol ) username Jake1463 just message me and let me know what it is you are needing.

I also have this trophy. My online id is BackOffoRDie. If you still need help just message me on PSN.

Hey Kick, tried to add you to help me get this trophy :slight_smile:

I sent you a friend request when I got home from work yesterday so next time you get on and want me to jump in so you can get it just let me know

Thanks! Accepted your request :).