And you thought BB's Microtransactions were bad

Looks like things are even worse in the OW kiddie pool

Haven’t touched OW yet but at least in the game you can see the skins, really wish you could in BB story mode.
OK, skins in BB are just one more PvP nail in PvE. :wink:

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Oh man this is nothing, they changed the wording of “buying any skin you want” with credits in game to "buying select skins with credits’ (or something like that) because of so much community backlash. This little change sparked so much outrage that I’m seeing hourly threads about never buying a blizzard product again. I can’t really blame them though, blizzard promised their players they could buy ANY cosmetic with credits…and then immediately went back on their word.


Yeah, that’s messed up.

I’m pretty sure Blizzard also said there wouldn’t be MTs in OW to begin with. At least with BB we knew that stuff like skins and extra PvE content would need to be paid for. Sure, they didn’t say specifically that it wouldn’t be MTs, but honestly, this is a pretty big dick move by Blizzard.

I don’t get it… What’s the difference with skins in PVE and PVP?

They don’t actually display in PVE. Just in PVP. It’s never been addressed, and somehow rarely discussed

So wait, you’re saying that the MT skins don’t actually show up in PvE, but they do in PvP?

That’s fairly odd… because I’m sure I’ve seen people using the T2 Oscar Mike skin several times… unless it isn’t a MT skin (the one of him dressed like a Police Officer)

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May I ask how you mean this?
If I wear a skin (only have gold & cybers though) I definately see them in PvE and other players see them as well. Same for other teammates with MT-skins…I play 90% PvE and always see skins/pay some attention on them.

So: I´m 99,999% sure skins are visual in PvE. And I love them^^

In PvP they are may be more displayed - but only if you taunt. And not all players taunt. I don´t taunt because its a waste of time + it makes me a target on a silver plate…

I just love the moment in character selection when noone says a word but we all pick the same skin - just feels awesome! In that regard I think skins can somehow enhance the “teamspirit” for both PvP and PvE- even if the chosen skins are the simple “blue-red LV.4”-deal :slight_smile:

Sorry for being off-topic, but your post spongled me a bit^^

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I know that I have personally seen in PvE all of the summer skins, and had people comment on my Rath Ice cream skin. I know I have also seen the Melka, OM, Kleese, Thorn, Rath and Benedict skins before that (I am sure I have seen more, but I can’t recall any others off the top of my head).

Oh man… with watching anime for the last few hours, and some obvious references that were being dropped, I have the perfect excuse to do THIS

Definitely still not as bad as paid only skins guys. Paid only. Paid only… Get what I’m saying? Paid only.

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At least we have the CHOICE of getting the skins we want. The OW system? “Pay us money and you MIGHT get the skin you want. Oh, and you can’t use the in game currency for these limited time skins either”.

They might be paid only, but at least we can choose which we want to buy… that and it was made pretty clear from the get go that these skins would be paid only anyway, so it wasn’t as if GBX were trying to hide that.

Continuing with my previous theme…

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Sorry, I don’t have a confirmation, but I’ve heard that when in the mission (not at character select), they don’t display. I’ve actually never taken note in battle, so idk though.

That sounds more like a client side bug more than anything. Might want to report that to the devs

They show up in PvE. I use em and see em on others everyday.


Okay then. Idk why whoever said that said that then. I forget who.

You’re all forgetting the fact that you earn loot boxes per level. When you enter the next prestige, you get a loot box every game for a couple of levels, then one every few games. Then it gradually needs more XP to unlock the next. You don’t HAVE to pay money to have a chance at these skins. Also, it’s seasonal. These skins are unlockable temporarily, which make them a rarity. They have explained that the skins will be available in next years summer games also.

There is no other option in Battleborn to obtain the T2/T3 skins other than using real money, unless they make them earnable with enough in game credits. That won’t happen for many reasons though.

You can’t compare the way the skin unlocks work from both of these games because they both do it completely differently. I agree that it’s a sly move to make these skins loot box only, it makes people want to buy more loot boxes to get that one skin they want. But really? If someone is willing to pay so much money to get that one skin they want, then so be it. That’s the way it is. Or you could grind out your levels and hope that the skin you want appears. At the end of the day they are just skins, and Blizzard decided to handle it the way they did, and Gearbox/2K have handled it the way they have. I’ve already obtained a few legendary summer skins from loot boxes and other items. The RNG is pretty fair. Maybe not for some people, but it’s RNG. I have yet to obtain Genji’s Japanese flag themed skin but I’ve seen plenty of other Genji wearing it.

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I hated Blizzard before it was cool.

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I hated blizzard when they made HoS, just because they tried to literally buy players. They had a HUGE tourney for it right after launch with rewards and â– â– â– â–  in the millions, all their own money. But the game was â– â– â– â– , and it just left a bad taste in my mouth lol