Angel Graphic Change?

Ok sorry I’m totally a noob here, but upon installing the new update and jumping in to Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode, I couldn’t help but notice the Angel communication graphic was different.

I’ve adjusted all my settings between various high and low settings but it’s still the same. I can’t figure out if it’s something I just missed before, something that’s tied to settings or something that’s actually been changed with the update.


It’s taken in roughly the same spot as the “Before” picture, and in all honesty I could’ve sworn that the “Before” picture was as I’ve seen it nearly all week since jumping back into the game.

I’m a pretty oblivious person so if this is something I simply just didn’t have the cognition to pick up on, feel free to make fun of me relentlessly.

edit: updated the links

Yep, the Angel graphics were changed in the update to the same used in the BL1 remaster.

Does that mean that Lilith’s are different too?

Ooh. Pretty!

Good question! I wonder if I have a character around that part of the story so I can check…

Honestly I didn’t like the new Angel version.

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