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Nemo here fam.

As some of you may know by now I tend to have an ever so slight affection for Deande. I play her every now and then, though I can never hope of making it into the Top Tier Deande tier list. I should probably go over the official PS4 standings actually…

The Official PS4 Deande Tier List

The everyone else tier: everyone else - position earned for having fewer than 20 matches with Deande

The kinda okay tier: me, @Deande, and the other kinda okay people - position earned by being kinda okay

B tier: @Phoenix-2613 - has the best stats on PS4 (sorry I had to move you down after careful re analysis)

A tier: thedoosix - true mastery of the character, always willing to help people out with Deande tips and tricks

S tier: @Ashbweh - an absolute monster with his top tier ground zero gameplay. Some say he even learned to crit with it.

God Tier: JackSpunn - Unparalleled ingenuity regarding build crafting. if you see him on the other team you best run from his GZ wave of death.

Imagine God tier being the top of the pyramid, this is the tier that is above the peak: Boss - He. Never. Dies. Ever. If you get matched up against him you should probably just surrender. Legend has it that his skill is so great he altered the inner workings of holotwin to make him permanently invisible. Until it’s too late.

(Yes the tier list is a collection of memes among friends. if anyone gets their feelings rekt please file an official report to the DHC HQ (or send angry hate mail). we will get back to you as soon as possible :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

anyway, back on topic.

I play some Deande. The other day I hit 20K kills with her after a 14 hour session of grinding and it reminded me of a post i made after I hit 10K. @vagrantsun made some amazing character angel of death titles the last time around.

I dont really know why I made that original post, but perhaps lets have a point this time around. See i work my Deande around this whole personal motto of “perfection shall be achieved”. Well there are a few aspects that need a good bit of work still, however a significant part in which i am lacking is my skin collection.

@JoeKGBX @jythri how many dudes do I gotta kill to cash in for a Deande cyber skin? I’ve been sitting here and waiting for it to drop for over a year now. Or maybe we could get the code released for everyone :thinking: ? PLEASE I REQUIRE IT!


here is a picture to show i’m not full of undank memes.

see i actually did kill 20K dudes with her.

now that’s great and all. But ill trade you a narwhal and a basket of angry octopi for the Deande cyber. pehaps I’ll throw in a few kidneys I have lying around. Or maybe even a brand new set of pencils, with the wrapper still on them if you can believe that. Hit me up and we’ll start the negotiations.

as for everyone else, I hope you’ve enjoyed this excuse to post the official Deande tier list. also the forums been to quiet as of late.







This list is reversed, right? Or am i just really tired?

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it’s a meme. I was under the impression most people were familiar with it by now.

I thought a meme was a picture with funny dialog?
Damn it, Cam…You need to get with the times!

Flogs self.


Oh, and congratulations on your 20,000 kills under the sea!

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would you like it if I put a picture of Deande behind it? i don’t really know if that would help tbh

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I mean… It would certainly sexify it…

ffs be gone

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Best deande


Well, to be fair, I welcome more or less any new thread since



Yeah I get bored when I have no forum posts to read on lunch and coffee break while at work.

  • Less than 1,000 hours with Deande
  • 0 (zero) Penta Kills with Deande
  • Almost 4,000 deaths with Deande
  • Only 80 Triple Kills with Deande
  • Only 8 Quads with Deande

And people target ban you for what reason, again?

Disgusting. Utterly disgusting.


Ikr? Tell them to sod off for me will ya? I keep telling them I’m trash but they won’t listen.

What tier does this screencap get me?

39 PvP games, 33 Missions

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@Phoenix-2613 prepare the DHC mainframe. We have some serious number crunching to do.

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Ok, let me know. I was considering becoming a Deande main.

Here’s my application for the DHC, bestow thy judgement upon me.

Viewer discretion is advised.


LOL I’m in tears from laughing so hard.

Can confirm. Played with Boss alot last few days. He’s so good at getting thralls and throwing his fans from mid lane. Even though we lost matches, it’s all ok though cause he never died during the match, like a true Deande master. Every Deande main should take lessons from this guy.