Angel of (insert character name) titles

wow this is weird. I usually do a lot of research and testing and planning and thinking before I start a thread. But screw it, this time im gonna be random.

So here’s the thing. I play a certain character a lot. Some say almost exclusively. The character I play is irrelevant as I’m trying to make my case as universally applicable as possible. What does matter is that i put a lot of time into said character. And by a lot I mean in the hundreds of hours. Over those many hours I have learned the vast majority of things to know about this character. I have preformed many impressive feats. I have had many amazing victories and crushing defeats. And i have rekt a lot of scrubs.

Im sure im not the only one like this with a dedicated main. I know many of you personally that have pushed past the basic understanding of your character’s mechanics, play styles, lore, etc. And while all that is great and fantastic and all, with people holding us in high regards in accordance to our respective characters, why cant we display that in game?

As it sits we have the character mastery titles. They mean absolutely nothing when it comes to determining skill. I think I got mine for ernest in 3 hours. i think I have 4 hours on toby. I don’t even know I dont pay attention to my toby stats. my point is that anyone can get those damn “mastery” titles.

past the mastery titles we have our level 20 titles which aren’t all that fabulous. ive got like 7 of them and I only really play my one character. They do take more time, but they are still not what im looking for.

What I want is something that takes dedication to get. Something that shows you have truly mastered your character. something that you will only have for maybe two characters at the very most if your are really hardcore. Something that people will all respect when you randomly join the lobby. Something that tells those randoms you are at the toppest possible tier achievable with that character. Something to fear.

okay maybe im getting carried away with this. my whole deal with this thread is that I would like some true mastery titles. I recently achived 10K kills with my favourite character and though to myself “why the hell don’t I get and Angel of Deande title?”.

of course I don’t think just getting 10K kills is 100% the way to go. Maybe you could get something for compleating a bunch of ridiculous challenges. Something like this for Deande as an example -->

-get 6000 kills on emey battleborn
-get 4000 kills on enemy battleborn while EOS is active
-Burst dash kill 100 incursion sentires
-life stole a few million points of hp
-killed Rendain 40 times
-completed mastery
-reached max character level

compleate all of those and you get a kick ass title that maybe only 2 other people have.

so yea. that’s basically it. it’d just be nice to have some character rewards that were actually challenging to get. that’s the whole point of this thread. lemme here what you think.


Yeah this, but I do think the level 20 titles are a good move.
Problem is, unless you go back and read the titles you don’t know what they are when you see them.

Have to admit it is kinda odd wearing this one: Girl with it all

I don’t think titles/play times mean too much, I’ve seen some players have at least double my play time with a character and they haven’t played very well with them.


Mastery titles don’t take time nor skill to get.

As it sits we have the character mastery titles. They (mastery titles) mean absolutely nothing when it comes to determining skill.”

But nobody asked about that. Did you read the OP?

While ignoring what the OP referred to, which was mastery titles.

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Touché, I missed that portion.

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  • Get 70+ Minion Kills in a single game 100 Times
  • Deal 200,000 or more damage in a single game 100 Times
  • Get 100 Triple Kills
  • Kill 1,000 Battleborn with your Ult.
  • Activate a skill 100 times in a single match 100 times
  • Nullify off a cliff at least once

Angel of Orendi

gimme gimme.


Just wondering if the game could retroactively track some of those things.

And on the “Angel of Character” title, I’m not keen on the devs adding in titles/challenges that are honestly near impossible for one person to complete. 10k kills with all 30 characters?

Idk, while I’d love to get titles that actually mattered, the completionist in me weeps… ;p

I guess not, we all saw big fat 0 when they introduced the “teleport to base” stat.

I love stats, but the way BB handles them is just underwhelming. Nowadays, not a single title means something. Bots battle made them totally unreliable (they should have made it so bots battle would count only for lore challenges, not ALL challenges).
At least Face-Off stats are untouched, but hey, nobody picks Face-Off anyway.

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Yeah, I even saw someone talking about completing achievements like “Gotta punch 'em all” in Bots Battle… I don’t want to sound like some PvP elitist but if you want to 100% a game, you should be expected to play 100% of that game…


Can the 1000 also apply to to Pillarstorm? May take a while longer if not

I think this would be nice. There’s many people around here who devote the majority of their time solely to one character, and further more outside of the match. I think the ultra master title should be specific to each character. Additionally, I hear they were discussing adding something like another lore page. Perhaps make one of the challenges extremely difficult and having a title associated would work. Include some super secret lore like confirming Caldarius’ size and boom, perfect

Or just replace all of these with “Play X Character for 500 hours” because that’s basically all these are.

If you need a title to express the Mastery and Love you have for a character, rather than being able to build a reputation for it in the community on your own, is it really any different than the titles that are already there?

Honest question.

Because I think if you’re really looking for prestige, then you should take the time to build it by building a reputation in the community, rather than just adding another time sink in to the game.

That’s true prestige, like that of those rare community members that have been honored by Lore entry Easter Eggs, and are summoned to conversations about the characters they’ve earned that prestige with, i.e. @EdenSophia (Mellka) and @Benedict_87 (Benedict) and @HandsomeCam (Super Adorable Toby… So Cute!).

I’m not trying to bust your balls here, but I honestly feel this would truly give you the feeling you’re looking for when you say “***Something that tells those randoms you are at the toppest possible tier achievable with that character. Something to fear.***” One more time sink title on the other hand, well you’re just “chasing the dragon.”



Another brave or foolish soul who would prefer not having kneecaps, eh? Splendid! The kneecap fairy gives me TWO dollars per cap, because i give her good business.

Anyways, @zesban, my soon-to-be-kneecapless, friend… I must come clean: I am NOT the best Toby player. However, i do LOVE him more than anyone else, and can scientificly prove it!

Loads Saiga 12.



Jokes on you, Tau don’t have knee caps!

For the Greater Good!

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Damn… I’ll just settle for your life then…

Also, @Benedict_87 doesn’t actually MAIN Benedict, and @EdenSophia has stopped playing Battleborn in light of Mellka’s nerfs.

…I should probably change my title to “Destroyer of Dreams!”, huh? Oh, gosh… SORRY about that!

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Alani AoD: Aquatranscendence

Ambra AoD: Sister of Solus

Attikus AoD: Badassikus

Beatrix AoD: Lady Nightingale

Benedict AoD: Airborne Apocalypse

Boldur AoD: Laughing at Death

Caldarius AoD: Icon of Vengeance

Deande AoD: Lenore’s Hand

El Dragon AoD: The Undisputed

Ernest AoD: Ordnance Master

Galilea AoD: Revenant

Ghalt AoD: I Make It Happen

ISIC AoD: Genocidal Magnus

Kelvin AoD: Titanic Sinker

Kid Ultra AoD: The Hero Arrives

Kleese AoD: Methuselah

Marquis AoD: Society Renovation Architect

Mellka AoD: Asskicker

Miko AoD: Mathematical Impossibility

Montana AoD: Bruiser Cruiser


Oscar Mike AoD: Ultimate Soldier

Pendles AoD: This Is Literally My Job

Pheobe AoD: Patron of War

Rath AoD: Highlander

Reyna AoD: The Boss

Shayne and Aurox AoD: Terrible Twins

Thorn AoD: Ekkuni Scion


Whiskey Foxtrot AoD: Guns Solve Everything


The point is their reputation precedes them. It’s something of real value.

Also, while Toby’s railgun is impressive, it isn’t quite up to 40k snuff.

Anyway, as per the Kauyon I’m-a just nope on out! =)

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Idk, I always thought it would be cool if they made a special lvl for each character. A level that allows you tow switch between helix levels, and a level that was designed FOR that character. The levels are extremely hard, and you can only get to the end if you understand your character and their helix. If they give a title for that, then you can see ‘Wow, this person completed that ridiculously hard lvl! Must be good with that character!’

Because all those other challenges just seem to take time, again. As much as I like specific challenges for the characters, they just turn out to be ‘I got these 501294763298 spore bomb kills just because I played really, really long.’


Sorry, this needed to be fixed.