[ANGRY] Lost connection Abused!


i’m Angry Dev !
I play 1 games and i take 15 Lost connection in 1 game… Why?
My Internet Connection 1Gb/s by Orange in France.
I never see a bad server system. The ADSL connection are more elligible in game than the VDSL or Optical.

I open all ports and the DMZ

27014-27050 3478, 4379-4380, 27000-27031, 27036

and port from 2K

TCP 80, UDP 88, UDP 3074, TCP 3074, UDP 53, TCP 53, UDP 3064, TCP 1795, TCP 1745, UDP 1795, UDP 1745

ANYONE Enhance the lost connection during the game.


Même problème, trouvé aucune solution :confused:

i also got the same problems in germany. fukin freaks me out. disconnects every 5 mins, but sometimes i can play without any. feels like christmas :smiley:

Dev a solution at this problem or not?

I’m in the US and couldn’t complete a single match without a disconnection. It’s not lag or poor ping, but the server drops me for 15 seconds every minute or so. I tried playing SINGLE PLAYER and this still happened.

I got a “player initialisation failed” error message at startup screen, got in game once today, played one game and got disconnected at the and for a validation timeout. Never had any problem of this kind since the release.
Edit: FYI I’m in France too, with SFR, and my connection works well. I connect through Steam.

I’m in France too, with SFR, and I have the same issue today. I could play fine until today and now it takes ages and multiple “player authentification error” for me to sign in, and I usually get booted back to sign in screen after one mission because I couldn’t load the mission results or something. Of course the connection works fine with everything else.

This is getting annoying.