Angry Story Time

The other night I was in a match, at this point I have mastered Rath and Deande so while I wait for Pendel <3 I am trying to work on Thorn.

So I hopped into Meltdown and there are two friends with Mic’s, less than 5 minutes into the match one of them says “REALLY? I got an assist. Bet it was Thorn stealing my kill.” I wish he had taken a look at the scoreboard at this point to see I hadn’t so much as engaged an enemy this match but I moved on, to lazy to rummage around for my headset (Xbone) to correct him.

Then later I see the same player at 25% health against a 75% health Orendi so I drop a Blight as they are face to face in order to sway the fight his way and then move on. Less than a few seconds later I get the kill and he flips poop yelling about how Thorn is stealing his kills and is trash.

At this point I am 5/4 with 30-40 minions kills, focusing on wave clear since no one else is and I am happy with that, but this kinda irked me a bit. I glance around for my headset to talk to him but decide it’s not worth the time.

Finally near end of game, El Dragon on the enemy team has finally gotten to the point where he is melting faces and has become our number 1 issue, the guy on the mic is complaining about him all the time, I am pushing hard left since almost everyone went right, we are maybe 50 points from a win. Then I hear the mic guys say “REALLY!? I have him down to no health and he still gets away!!” Then low and behold I see a fearful El Dragon run by me close enough to sniff with a sliver of health, I turn to see if anyone is chasing him and see no one so I take the shot and get the kill. I am once again called a kill stealer and trash as a result.

Finally as the game is coming to a close, I make one final push to get our minions in and am ambushed, I am slowed and pelted, as I am trying to escape I see the other player standing there who says “If you want help maybe you shouldn’t steal kill.” And he allows me to die (Playing as Ghalt I believe). We still won but it was likely the most irritating win I have ever had.

My question: Why do people insist upon acting this way over kills, especially when I was focused on pushing the objective 90% of the match?

People complaint about kill stealing like its a real issue even when people are not stealing kills. Creates a bad game even if you win.


Wow this is such garbage, what a jerk. I’ve run into similar experience and I have to tell you it is easy to assume the silent minority is in the wrong.

One thing we need to do as a community is shun the whole kill stealing mindset and focus instead on the win/loss focusing on objectives.

Sad this happened to you - best of luck in future games!


Don’t worry about kill stealing. There are still some stupid people who don’t realize “kill stealing” helps the team, more people get experience and less damage is taken. Frankly I’m happy if someone “steals my kill” because it benefits my team in both experience and kills. Just play your game and ignore or mute the “solo score idiots.” It’s a team game for crying out loud.


Never had an issue with anyone calling out kill stealing but the only thing i can see is if they need 25 X hero kills and you swoop in at the end i can see them being a little ticked, but you dont know what they need, they didnt tell you, so they shouldn’t make a fuss out of it.

When I play marquis I end up with like 16 assists because I just try to annoy the enemy team and put a round into people currently engaged, and have like 5 cloaked owl’s at a choke point just because.

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Don’t blame you for wanting to get it off your chest, but rest assured you did nothing wrong. Forget about them and move on, focus on having fun.

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Why doesh the sun come up? Are the shtars jusht pinholesh in the curtain of night? Who KNOWSH, highlander? My point is that some people are ■■■■■.

Don’t even feel bad. As Rath I Kill steal all the time but not to upset my team, but because it’s my JOB. As an Assassin, I just pick off weak enemies. And in return, I do small things like build turrets, let my teammates get shards and summon thrills and etc. But most players (especially the higher level ones) are just happy that an enemies is dead. Though, the ONLY time I was upset about someone kill stealing, was when I was ONE away from a Pentakill with Rath and I was a millisecond late from using catalytic smash before Marquis… Bindleblast… crossmap… I will never forgive him for that…

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I remember playing with a Whiskey who was slightly annoyed with some kill steals that happened early on into the game. He quickly got over it though, but he was quick to tell us that we can kill steal as many things as we want as long as we let him kill the enemy Mike.

Other than that, I don’t recall any situations where someone was complaining about kill steals. In fact, the majority of my games involving voice chat are pretty neat. I just got out of a game with randoms against a premade of 4 and we ended up winning because we decided to use voice chat to counter them.

I ran into these issues all the time back in my COD/Halo days though. Kinda wish I could pull up all the death threats I got simply because I stole a kill or 2. Actually, I remember this one time where some guy got so pissed at me that he would follow me around the map and constantly fire his gun near me (in case you didn’t know, shooting a gun in COD puts you on the minimap for a brief period of time). During all of this, he was also referring to me as “a stupid N-word”(no he didn’t actually say N-word. He said the real thing). Then, after the match, I got a rather crude message with contents that I would rather not discuss on these forums. I it genuinely hilarious now, but back then it was a weird blend of annoyance, confusion, and a little bit of fear if I’m being entirely honest.

The best things to do in these situations is to just mute them. Chances are, these people aren’t contributing anything actually helpful to the team by using voice chat anyways. While it won’t save you from situations like the one mentioned at the end of the story, it can at least solve part of the problem.

I used to play Smite a long time ago. Some folks there refer KS to Kill Secured rather than Kill Steal to help encourage team play. Battleborn really needs to encourage this mindset. Better a dead enemy than a live one.

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Okay, yeah that dude is a tool, and just mute him next time.

But, thorns do have a reputation of throwing an ult on the target you’ve been working on again and again- and ghalt players are douchy…

Sounds like you were hitting shots though, so I call you teshka

It’ll happen a lot as Thorn. It’s just how it goes with her set. I usually get about 3-5 kills per match with DoT alone, usually they are from blight fields I totally wasn’t paying attention to anymore.

My theory is there is no such thing as kill stealing, only kill securing. You never know when an ability may come off cooldown, or one of their teammates may show up. One second of distraction could make a big difference.

The only douchy thing would be throwing down the ulti on an enemy with nearly no health. That’s just a waste and really makes you seem desperate to rack up a kill.

EDIT: I actually played a game shortly after posting this. A Rath on my team was fighting a Rath on the enemy team and had him down to about 1/4 of health. I saw this unfold and thought of this thread and turned away to go fight someone else. After a few seconds I didn’t see the kill so I went back to check on it and they were running in circles around each other still struggling.

That’s exactly why I kill everything when there’s an opportunity.

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The ksing-issue mostly comes from the forever bronze lol players that switched to BB. If they insult you of ksing just call it kill secure, have a good laugh and keep on helping your team winning.

If anyone complains about ksing he is most likely a bad player not able to carry a match and therefore has to rely on kills to keep his lies to himself up, that he’s the one and only badarse player.

Those people dont get, that it is about strategy and teamwork. And they will eventually die complainig their support was bullshirtzz.


Who gives a ■■■■ who gets the killing blow as long as it puts the other team at a disadvantage? Nerds…


Oh boy, i have such Gamers often. They shoutin’ in their Mic always cause of “kill stealing”, but that’s all they say to their Team. I don’t care who takes the Kill, i only want to see the enemy Team dead for push. If i get an Assist, im happy with it, cause it shows Teamplay. Most Times in this Game u don’t get Help in an 1vs1. And i don’t get it. I’m pinging lile a Freak for help, cause it’s a Teamplay Game. Take the Kill, i don’t care. Just kill the Enemys for better push. Thanks.

PS: The only Lore i need at Ghalt is the ‘First Kill’ - Lore. And most of the Time i play so damned aggresive at the Beginning cause of that. But i don’t get Mad, if i get only the Assist. Still Kill is a Kill and an advantage for my Team. Maybe next time i have more luck, who cares. The Game is more than just filling Lore’s as fast as u can. I’m enjoying it. No matter what.

I’ll admit that when I first started playing this game, if someone ‘stole’ (using it lightly now) my kill, it did bother me a little… Only because I was new to the game, and getting a kill was really rare for me (I sucked) haha…

But as I got better, and the kills came more frequently, I learnt that they didn’t matter…

Whether I got one, none, or just a bunch of assists, it really was about eliminating the other team at any chance/circumstance…
who actually did it didn’t matter, whether it was me or another player…
It was just about pushing things more in our favour…

As long as those minions were getting in, the capture points were being secured, and the sentry taking damage…
It didn’t matter whom got what kill, as long as the objective was successfully being achieved…

That person on mic, needs to realise the above too…
And if they are a long time player of these games (unlike myself. Battleborn is my first online competitive game that I’ve played), then they should feel really ashamed/sheepish in their behaviour…

I certainly feel that way about my past opinions, but thankfully I never voiced them on mic to anyone, as that’s just plain rude…

Next time, if you are game enough, plug that mic in and say your piece (in friendly terms), hopefully they will realise their wrongs…
Too many players are treating their fellow team members like artificial intelligence and not human beings like themselves…
Otherwise hit mute…

Good on you for sticking with it though, and claiming the win in the end… You are the better player :wink:


Thanks for the support everyone! Honestly upon re-reading my initial post, it came off way less heated than I felt at the time, for which I am grateful, I don’t like coming off as a P.O’ed whiner.

None the less, thank you all for the comments. I would have put on my headset last time and tried to talk to the man but I had it off when the match started as most people don’t seem to chat on Xbone (another far more minor issue for me), and leaving it on when noone is talking is a tad uncomfortable. By the time I wanted to put it on I could either go AFK to try and find it (douch bag move imo, letting me down the team to clear up a minor issue) or just let it go, I chose the latter.

I hope anyone else with issues regarding ransoms getting mad at kill steals see’s this thread so that they know it’s just a CoD type mindset some people are stuck in, something they need to forget to play BB well.

Again thank you! The recent rise of supportive people on the BB forums give me a lot of hope for the future of this fantastic game and it’s player base. Have fun fighting for Solas!!

One day, the people who play this game will realize it is a team game.

Today is not that day.

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Idiots being idiots, really. Kill stealing? LOL, did he mistook the game for COD or something?
I hope for that guy that he never play as characters like Mellka because the “assist after doing most damage” happens tons of time especially early game.
Some characters are just better than others to “finish off” opponents that were thinking they still had the time to get away.

I like to play big bodies and tanks. They get assists all day, and it’s awesome!! Nothing makes me feel better than holding two enemy BB with Boldur, and have a Rath/Melka/Deande/etc… come in and wreck face!!

Then again, I’m the type who used a Riot Shield and all tactical equipment in CoD, setting up easy flanks and kills for others.

A dead body is a dead body. IMO, a reworking of score would lessen this mentality.