Angry Story Time

Ahh I see you have gone on safari and encountered the rare “Tool Deathmatcher” in it’s native habitat. Vary common in some places that one. They headhunt for only the highest kill total, whine incessantly and generally don;t realize that assists are far more common and who cares who got the kill. He was a tool, I’ve had dozens in my teams of late and it;s why I took a break from the game for a while. Got very sick of working my butt off and having my crew basically not back me up. Only this happened to me as Kleese, so when they left me hanging they lost their only ace in the hole.

It’s dumb, but it’s gonna happen sometimes. Just mute the little buggers and do your thing. Sounds like you knew what to do and thats all that matters, eventually rookies will realize, as many have said, that this game is team based, not 5 guys all beating one another for some grand K/D trophy.

Honestly I love when my team gets assists. If that little Dragon had been my target I’d have laughed my ass off when you offed him on general principle. He was a team wide threat, him out of the match for a respawn gives us an edge. Win for us. That said I do have a bad habit of being a major white knight, when it comes to supports and snipers so if you were on my crew I’d have been at your side to help the second I noticed it. but thats how I operate,

You can kill steal in my teams anytiome. Bonus points if you off a annoying Gali or Benedict. Gods I’m loathing that bird and his freaking rockets! Stop running away from my taser you giant chicken.

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Think the only time I got kinda peeved by a kill steal is when I’m working on lore challenges. But otherwise I’ll be fighting and if someone steals my kill I have no problems, just glad the baddie is dead. When I’m with my buddies I feign anger but they know I’m joking =D

The annoying ones are the ones who ignore the objective altogether in pursuit of hero kills.

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If you want to see this end, GBX first needs to make Score count more than Kills * 2 + Assists * 1. They also need to get rid of all the Challenges and Titles that are based off of Kills. Until then, you’re “stealing” their progress, which is silly that it’s even designed that way.

As it is now, they make Assists automatically less valuable than Kills by giving them a different value in the first place. Especially since ties are broken by Score.

Imagine if Kills and Assists counted the same in Score. Then ties would be broken by the team that worked better together by having a high number of Assists, instead of the team where every Player focused on Kills. Now imagine if they also counted Buildables built and destroyed, Thralls and Minions summoned, and so on. Then the team that plays the mode well gets a better score. Go figure.

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coming from HotS, where all xp is team xp, you STILL get punks whining about kill stealing. Just ignore them and move on. Killing enemies is never a bad thing.

Definitely not saying the score system is anything great here, but the win currently goes to the team that works best together.

In a game where each team has 25 kills, the team with more assists wins.

I do think they need to take more into account though, considering this is an objectives based game.

I love people who confuse “kill stealing” with “saving your butt” -.- most of those don´t realize you kill an enemy for a good reason, not to piss off your teammates…
In PvP I´d rather get saved, than to die for a kill.

And in the end all that counts is: “They are dead, we are not.”
~A lesson from Halo-Coop & ME3-multiplayer.

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Anyone with any experiance in this game will know that the kill system is a little out of whack anyway; I get the last shot… assist, I do all but the last shot… I get assist ‘top damage dealer’. For me I count assists as kills because the system seems to assign the kill so randomly.

In the end this is an objective focused game, so kills are only important in shutting out and controlling the enemy team imo. I sometimes wind up clan mates about KSing, but at the end of the day I want to win and not look like an idiot doing it and working together helps me do that.

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It’s not just about the current accounting in the Score, it’s about the psychology it generates. Kills are all that matter, all other things being equal. And that means you’ll have Players who are obsessed with Kills, to the detriment of their team, both in the KS mentality, and in the overly focused on Kills instead of teamwork mentality.

If Kills and Assists counted the same, then to achieve a higher Score, more people would have to work together on bringing common targets down. As it is now, as long as you get the Kill, you get more Score. This encourages Players to focus on Kills over anything else, KS mentality, lone wolf antics, and other bad behavior.

Further, Objectives count for nothing in the Score. So if you’re focused as a builder, putting up Turrets and Traps, summoning Thralls and Minions, it’s not reflected at all in your Score. Players that are driven by Score are less likely to participate in these vital components of the match, bringing down the amount of infrastructure going up or being torn down during the match, as they pursue Kills, glorious Kills. I can’t even count the number of Accelerators I’ve seen standing after a skirmish as the team rushes off in pursuit of more Kills.

And that’s the whole point. Yes, the team that works best together in a Victory is obviously going to be the winner. But in a Stalemate, which are much more common in Incursion now with the changes they’ve made, Victory is decided by the team with the highest Score, which is almost always the most Kills, not the team with the most Kills and Assists and that focused on Objectives.

Changing the Scoring would help to socially engineer a new psychology among the Players.

The only other way that psychology would change is if the Objectives had a much more severe impact on matches. If Thralls, Minions, Turrets, and Traps were real and true threats to the status quo of an otherwise evenly matched game, instead of being steamrolled by both teams as they are currently. But that would skew all the other games which aren’t so evenly matched and so that probably won’t change.

By the way, I mean the Thralls, Minions, Turrets, and Traps would have to be absolutely deadly unless the whole team is focused on them, or using their own Thralls, Minions, Turrets, and Traps to counter. I wouldn’t mind this however, as it would up the ante significantly on the Siege element of Incursion! =)

All I care about really when I play is picking a role and then playing that role. It irks me when I pick a character to clear lane and farm shards to build the tactical structures only to be prevented from doing so by the enemy team and/or my team. Nothing like trying to clear minion waves only to have my team rush in and clear them out and then farm all the shards basically negating my role. Even worse when they then leave me to face the enemy team afterwards. I’ll quickly be out-leveled by everyone and then get stomped on.