Animated Turrets

Drawing a temporary blank here - if I have a turret that needs to raise up out of the ship hull before it starts firing, is that possible? Do I just put the joints at the deployed position for the turret and use a code red to animate the turret rising up to match the deployed position? or will the turret do horrible screwy things?

I used to do that in HW1 with mad. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work… It’s supposed to anyway.

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This is a very good question. BitVenom said that weapons hardpoints will not follow animations, ever; and the work around is putting the weapon joint in the final position and animating the mesh, but that on;y holds true for fixed and gimble, not animated turret… but if it is a subsystem turret will it work?

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putting the weapon joint in the final position

Seems like that’s what I had to do with the B’Rel for STC. HW1 was easy in comparison.

Look at the Kushan Defender. He has all the turrets on animated joints.


If I’ve got this right, unless I set something like "ignore parent transform"in blender, the behavior of the weapons joint will be uncoupled from what I see ingame because the engine can’t animate weapons joints, right?

Our you could make the weapons the child of a non animated joint (eg root) because they won’t move anyway…

The weapons will stay wherever they are in the rest frame (0) despite any animations.

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Turreted weapons on animated joints do work just fine.

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interesting, I guess I never tried turreted weapons since I didn’t need them, only fixed on code red. seems reasonable to make a turreted weapon with a very narrow cone so it looks fixed.

You can’t make a turret use a sphereburst effect somehow can you? It’s a beam or bullet only right? :thinking:

Trying to solve this here: