Animation Colors choices?

I don’t think this has been mentioned (surprisingly), but what does everyone think about different colors for the skill animations for our characters based off their skins? Light blue and pink Shadow Pillars for Orendi’s FFFFFFKJTGH SUMMERTIME skin. Purple and black Blinkstorm for Deande’s Imposter skin. Rainbow colors for Tag Team explosion for Shayne and Auroyx Fun and Games. Light Blue Sunspots for Ambra’s Chronicles skin. I’m mainly saying this for their premium skins as I understand that having it change for all skins is way too much to ask for and I respect Gearbox’s time and efforts. It would make the skins feel even more awesome, individualistic, and worth it. I think it would be really cool if they decided to do that and I think it would beneficial to increasing the amount of people buying those skins. Afterall the game is mostly in 1st person and we primarily see our skills. Love you Gearbox! The Operation is super fun and challenging at 80+. :slight_smile:


This sounds like a great idea and I’ve thought about it too, but with so many vibrant colours already on-screen I think this would cause confusion, sometimes colourful skins can be overwhelming.

I can see that. I like the idea of extra discernment in some cases, but I suppose it boils down to what the community feels they could handle in that regard and what Gearbox feels would be best. I would love it personally. I’m an artist so I love the idea color choices and vibrant diversity. :slight_smile:

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It is a great suggestion, I’d like to hear a response from a dev on this.

Now, I have two solutions.
A. Only you see the SFX. Fun for you, fun for others, yay.
Problem: Unfortunate lack of individuality. A lot of people get skins to show off, and this would Defeat that purpose.
B. Flip a switch. You can choose to see and have SFX. I think this one would be the best


Great idea!

Are there any specific animation colors you’d like to see? I thought it would be cool if Kleese had green brains in his energy rifts for his Headache skin.

That might be cool. Ambra having ghostly orbs and such would be nice. Orendi having a cartoony happy FX style would be interesting. Galilea having a holy type outfit and Desecrate being white and in some kind of cross symbol would be interesting. Thorn having a rose based outfit where she makes viney blights and her ult is a giant Rose would be awesome. Etc

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They need to do that, some characters already have skills affected by Skins.

Hoodini changes Pending on Marquis’ Skin, so cute in his little swimsuit… and that mustache. Also Ernests Eggs are changing.

I would like to see color differences at least for the stuff you can drop. It would be cool to see it for attacks like raths beams, but first things first.

I often play double team with my friend and Kleese and Ambra are pretty confusing since they are neither named with “Gamertags Sunspot/Rift” or differently colored by skin.

If all skills would change the color pending on the skin, that would be frigging awesome.

Imagine Rath in his Gold Skins shooting golden Beams… or Black beams in his “Not a Vampire” skin.

Thats what I want to see.

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I agree that this would be super cool, but in a post I read a while back about the development of the game they mentioned that they were trying to keep each character’s SFX very distinctive, so you can look at all the bursts of colour all over your screen and instantly recognize, let’s say, Rath’s shockwave from cataclysmic smash, Phoebe’s ult marker, Pendles’s smoke bomb cloud.

Changing the SFX with a skin would be very cool, but again it could run into some issues.

I get that, but in an odd way I feel like it’ll build morale. Skins feel good. It adds diversity and it makes the game/characters more personal for the player. It makes it seem more worth it since you buy these skins. Having the option to turn it off for the your own sake is the best option. I just thought the idea could help the game in the micro transaction department.

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Yeah, it definitely could.