Annoinment Missing?

Farming, fairly heavily, to upgrade my Westerguns, I have yet to find the “After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160 % increased splash damage for 18 seconds” annointment. Is my RNG just in a really bad run or is this annoinment currently missing? (Hotfixes are applied)

It exists
But I don’t know if something happened
Didn’t farm western guns for a while

I do have it on my level 53 guns, just not seen it on any weapons since the latest patch/dlc/hotfix was applied.

The closest I have got is “On ASE, splash damage is increased by 125 % for a short time”.

I got 2 after the most recent update and hot fixes applied.

Your luck is trash, nothing to see here.

You are correct. Since publicly stating I could not find the annointment, both a Scourge and Alchemist have dropped from vending machines with it on. All is well.