Annointed Drop Rates?

I finally have time to seriously farm for terror annointments and not only am I finding that at best only half of drops are terror (2 days after halloween) but way less annointments are dropping than last week. WTF? I thought they were keeping the drops the same

Now I’m basically SOL because terror drops are going to keep decreasing and I can’t seem to get any of the ones I care about, much less on a legendary I care about


Running the captain haunt map is still dropping tons of terror anoitments. Not sure of other areas as i just started playing.

They announced that Halloween was the peak of the drops and ghosts and would dwindle down until event is over. I am rushing to get Traunt 25 times for the weapon skins. My wife hates me right now. Traunt 25x is going to get people divorced.


This has been posted before in other threads. I have raised this concern as well, but there has been no word at all from the devs or community managers about this. The only source of anointed loot after the latest hotfix are from ghosts. All other loot sources have been hit by the nerf bat, whether intentionally or not, who knows?


The I know they said it would “dwindle down” but I feel like they already more than cut the drop of terror annoints in half (percent of drop in the annoint pool)

Will be harder to get Legendary Terror anointed for sure. Best source now is the loot ghosts and Traunt. They are killing it down, either as intended, or the uproar people caused for messing with the world drops anointed to terror. It seemed 50/50ish as people learned the terror mechanic, but they are trying to appease both sides.

No, there were talking about the Terror anointments dwindling down, not the number of anointed items we get in total. That is the issue that many of us have - our anointed item drop rate has reverted to pre-week 4 buffs-values.


Maybe the terror will be replaced by regular anointed in the RNG? Is my best guess.

It has been inversed, before it was 8/10 annointed, now 8/10 not annointed.
I tested it the last 5 hours and it really sucks, because of course like this i didn’t get the stuff i wanted.


Again no one is referring to the 1 day increase in haunted. Anointed drops period have been significantly reduced everywhere outside of heck hole. This is contradictory to what grearbox said would happen.

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Maybe my RNG has been a little more forgiving. I have gotten anointed Legendarys on every kill of Traunt which I am finally up to 9 when people said he doesn’t drop except blue and purples. I have also been been getting legendary anointed on the runs to kill ghosts/bosses. Only thing I have noticed differently on world drops after Halloween is less terror anointed and more normal anointed. But maybe that is just me.

I now killed Jabbermogwai ~1800 times, he dropped a legendary 99% of the times but only ~20% of them where annointed, so only ~360 were annointed and of them only 6 had the annointment i wanted, unfortunately on the wrong ones. Way worse is that the exact right ones dropped about 300 times but mostly without annointment or if then with the wrong ones. Really frustrating and i’m about to give up!

My experiences are mainly on GW runs. When the buff was active, more than half of the items he dropped per kill were anointed on TVHM M3. Now, I barely get 1 or 2 anointed per kill, whether they be green, blue, purple or orange items.

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After the nerf patch/hotfixes on GW like a month ago I got more anointed leg from Aurile(sp?) and Gigamind from the past month. I also get more drops from the rare spawns than GW now. I started to do a loot chain boss run and my legendary rates have gone up rather than farming one. I would start on one planet and wipe the bosses, and then go to the next planet and wipe bosses etc… might be worth a shot? Does eat more time though.

Maybe this is what yall were looking for?