Annointed enemies in Arms Race is garbage

Gearbox do you just not care if your game is fun? That pair of anointed enemies that spawns in Arms Race are simply more massive bullet sponges teleporting all over the place in a mode of overdone AOE badasses and bullet sponge enemies. Such fail. The first DLC was so good, it’s been a steady decay since then…


ANNOINTED enemies have always been this annoying garbage… It’s just everyone has been playing DLCs and takedowns so no one has had to deal with them in the latest content.
Or everyone has said “just be overpowered and kill them before they teleport/go immune” was the other option. Arms race allows neither of these … Soon we are back to square one of base game…

GBx never fixed the worst and most unfun enemy type ever…


Just go near some spiderants, let them tank the anointed for you and kill them.
They spawn pretty late in the match and are kind of a gear check that measures how efficient you’ve been at the map.


How come when I play all they do is go invisible upon crit and are totally dying from a Bangarang or something of the like? They even follow me to the boss because that’s where they like to die…
I assume, also they bring sparkles <3


Speak for yourself, not for others. I regularly run Proving Grounds for fun, Anointed spawn in multiples for me on M8.

Anointed are fine in general. Militants are still a pain, but due to power creep they die faster than they used to.

For Arms Race in particular, have you tried not trying to engage with them? It’s a race, not “try and kill everything you see nomatter how long it takes”.

Don’t take half my post and argue it… So you still ran original content…congrats you aren’t part of Option A… There was an Or after it let me quote

By your own admission you find them fine and the militants die faster due to power creep. That makes you part of Option B.

Since you decided to be combative in your statement for no reason. Let me correct you again
Militants aren’t easy due to power creep. They were purposefully nerfed and left behind by Gbx. They did this because they admitted they didn’t have a fix for this mechanic and would address later, and later never came.

I am speaking for myself and the numerous amount other people who have complained about this very thing on the forums repeatedly. Do a search and you will see .

Congratulations on finding them “not that bad”… … that doesn’t mean other players don’t find the. annoying AF


Who’s being combative?

Anyhow, don’t get upset that because you spoke for every player of the game someone decided to object. I gave a specific recommendation for Arms Race that you seem to have completely ignored.

Seriously? Not spawn them? Do you think I am trying to spawn them? Yes they spawn late but by definition and design, most runs are going to get pushed to the end of the time limit, unless you are running it for “fun”, then who cares. Go directly to the boss, he isn’t all that difficult, even with the right whites. If you engage the anointed at all, even splash damage by accident, they follow you to the end fight. They just add more of the totally random, not really skill based hurdles with Arm Race in general. If you get lucky then…

Arms Race overall is garbage. You can’t use the new weapons or skills you paid for. It’s a game mode that has nothing to do with Borderlands, that’s why it’s so tedious, unimaginative, and poorly conceived. If the loot was bad, no one would play this.

It’s so bad across the board it has the quality of freeware IMO.


I’m sure it’s just as easy as running to another, completely different area in order to find those spiderants. I’m also sure that the anointed enemy will follow you the entire way and not lose interest and go back to their spawn zone.

Exactly, skags also work to distract them and they are almost everywhere.
Revenants trend to be slow and shoot from afar so losing them should not be a problem. They will follow you until they are dead so no risk of them resetting.

You know what else is garbage? Murdercane blowing into an arms cache fight during Arms Race.

It’s pretty clear that Gearbox just wanted to attract new players with a “Battle Royale Game” but have no idea how to make a good one. This mode is garbage from beginning to end, with no attention to detail or mechanics.

Some say it’s an interesting change of pace, and it is,
mainly because it is so bad and disconnected from the BL3 base game and DLC’s.

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Do you ever get the feeling this game is 100% catered to YouTubers and streamers? The Devs must have the logic “if they can do it then it’s fine.”

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I hate those guys, but they are rare. Only seen them 3 out of 20 runs. I don’t think that they should have put them in arms race. They are OP for the mode.

I do wish you could bail from an arms cache area, especially if the murdercane is close. I wish it would autoopen the exit if the arms cache area you’re in is within a minute or two of being swallowed by the murdercane.

All that said, there’s obviously a constant risk/reward you have to balance as the player. Should I start that arms cache fight? Or do I not have enough time?

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Gotta plan the run better then, I was trapped in one on one of my first runs but was lucky and had a booster shield. Between that and the health vials I managed to tank it and survive 2-3 minutes in the murdercane and complete the event, I have not made that mistake since

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I’ve never had a problem with the revenents personally. They can catch you offgaurd but they die just like any other mob if you put enough bullets in their face.

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Well, when talking about GBX, phrase “data driven” is tossed around. Youtube and Twitch views are a metric (showing number of players that have extra engagement with their product), so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched.

In modern age of 2020(2021) I cannot describe what set of indicators define successful product…

They really should give those two anointed enemies that spawn later in Arms Race more hit points, sometimes you can actually kill them. It would be better if Gearbox just gave them so many hit points that they are unkilllable. That way we could just waypoint out and restart things every time they spawn. And they need to teleport around more, they really shouldn’t stay anywhere more than a second, so there is no way to actually shoot them.

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Just shoot em in the face and they’ll teleport everytime.

Oh and use a fire gun on their shields and shock against their flesh.