Annointed enemies ruin solo gameplay

Annointed enemies aren’t difficult to kill, but each one has a no cool down tactic
that they spam like teleport, immunity, fire damage, or a one shot slow motion projectile, that make killing them BORING. They are extremely time consuming compared with any other enemies and doing so is just so repetitive, wait… then shoot, then wait, oh then wait again, then hide, then oh right wait again, OK SHOOT!!! what? wait again? Rinse, lather, repeat. It’s mind numbing. And after running the Handsome Jackpot and coming back to the story line in mayhem mode, I am probably just going to finish TVHM without enabling mayhem, farm the DLC and run the the takedown. The DLC really shows how awful the current implementation of Annointed enemies really is… Serious buzzkill.


My biggest issue is taking all of that and trying to kill them on m4. I had an entire proving ground runs stopped cold by them.


Let’s be honest. Annointed baddies are pretty bad for BOTH group and solo play. Raise your hand if your like me and just run past them if you can/ dont have to fight them. They could be fun challenge kills if there was an actual work around those forever long immunity phases. Instead it’s just wait, get lucky, run around in circles cause their immune again, shoot, oops they just went immune again, run around in circles… yup… not fun. :confused:


When I went to farm katagawa ball as Fl4k on m4, I bumped into an anointed duo. I used fade away and ran as fast as I could.


I know this has been said many times before on multiple internet platforms, but I would just like to add:

When / If you do finally kill an anointed, even on TVHM M4, the reward for your effort is largely unimpressive. Most of the time when I’m running through Anvil or Konrad’s Hold and I take down multiple Anointed, I’m rewarded with a paltry handful of items, most of it ammo, and a couple blues, maybe a purple. If I do see a legendary it’s the same song and dance of non-anointed duplicate fodder.

If they ever tune anointed enemies, I’d also like to see the trouble of taking them down being more worthwhile. It doesn’t have to be a shower of anointed BiS legendaries, but at the very least a larger number of drops and maybe a guaranteed anointed purple or something.

I often see better loot from the surrounding mobs of the anointed, rather than from the anointed enemies themselves.


I dont mind 1 or 2 at a time. But ive had 3-5 spawn on same section of map before. Just today in anvil, the open area, 3 annoiteds and a handfull of badasses. Sky bullies 2 in the hallway, 4 in their room. Add assorted badasses here. It definatly can suck.


Yeah, 1 or 2 and it’s just gonna be a repetitive time sink, but not difficult at all. more than 2 and the various purple attacks can pretty easily overwhelm you. However, 2 militants isn’t worth the amount of time required to kill them. Better to just zone to somewhere else…

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Do they at least give decent XP? It’s hard to keep track of in the middle of combat…

That’s why you now have the ION CANNON, Gearbox won’t fix annointeds but they’ll give you a launcher to kill em with.


I mentioned this elsewhere, the anvil truly is the worst map on BL3.


I can see why given the teleport tactics but I personally feel like they break the flow of combat more by requiring you prioettize your attention to more so than their tankiness or attacks.

I know there have been dozens of these threads but I won’t complain about them. They are needed for GB to get the hint. These mobs are terrible game design and are ruining the game IMO.

I took a BL3 break for a while because of the anointed in the Anvil on TVHM M4. It was just tedious and not fun at all. I recently came back to play in the DLC and it’s been a fun change of pace. I deviated today a bit from the DLC to do some rare spawn missions that were piling up and after going through Lectra City and Anvil again I’m quickly reminded of why I took a break. These stupid anointed mobs are just a huge chore to kill, eat all your ammo and make me want to play a different game.

GB…when will you wake up to the fact that these mobs are seriously diminishing people’s desire to play your game because they are NOT FUN? Games should be fun not tedious.


For me personally, it is not only this. It is that even if you endure and face the fight which will take forever because they are all bullet sponges. You get nothing. No rewards, i have yet to have one of those battles take less then 20 minutes because of all the anointed and would walk away feeling cheated as i got not even one legendary. The couple times i did, it was pure garbage. So it sucks horribly, takes to much effort and time and there is no rewards in it


You are correct. They are not rewarding. However, even if they made the rewards better I still wouldn’t care. I don’t want to be rewarded for doing tedious chores. I get rewarded for doing chores at work because it’s a job. I don’t want to perform chores in games regardless of reward.


But GB has forgotten who they make these games for. The hard working people who need to blow off steam. Who have a few hours to kill and need a release. They cater to the elitists and streamers who play 12 hours a day and have left the rest of us holding a game that isn’t fun anymore. I want to kill things and get rewards. Grinding for 4 hours and walking away with ntohong is not fun nor rewarding. Might as well be back at work.


The first time I ran into an anointed I thought, “oh I bet they drop anointed weapons/gear exclusively or at a higher rate. What a cool farming opportunity, like midgets in bl2 with a cool twist.” But uhhhh, nah. Not that at all lol. I still don’t understand why that isn’t the case cause I mean, it’s in the name, right?


I agree, this is why so many gamers just run past them to get to the bosses. It isn’t worth it. So GB has taken way the point and fun of the game. The battles, the fights. Gaming is about fun, about leaving your life behind for a few hours. You do not want to walk away from the game more frustrated then when you started playing it.


I don’t feel that one piece of legendary equipment that is certainly powerful enough to warrant a nerf should be a go to solution for poorly designed enemies. As for the anointed themselves, they are a pain on lower mayhem levels which is fine. Their design on m4 is nightmare fuel though.


I hate that they freaking teleport all over the place non-stop. Unless you’re playing phasegrasp there’s no way to control them from jumping everywhere. Maybe the deathgrip but nobody uses that

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FYI: I just ran a character through TVHM and anointed show up everywhere (the first one was in SkyFall, way before Troy does his thing.)

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