Annointed immune to everything?

I’m having a hell of a time with this annointed mob. No matter what I hit him with it says immune. This isn’t even a boss. WTF.

yeah there is another forum post talking about this. Yeah its a bit annoying and a lot of people would like to annointed mobs balanced/changed and potentially have a diferent dynamic to them, then what they currently have.

I think they are getting bugged. At times they go into this shielding mode where they become immune but they seem to be staying in that mode like 95% of the time even when they aren’t doing the shielding animation which makes it impossible to tell when they are immune…then I waste all my ammo on them because I can’t tell when to shoot. This seems completely broken.

honestly the 1 way i deal with them now is to use my cutsman as it will hit them as it travels past through them making all enemies with shields a cakewalk… so for now that would be my recommendation is to get cutsman otherwise waiting for actual patch, not hotfix with some changes would be next best bet.

Well I don’t have good gear. I’m trying to get it but these things are everywhere.

The one with the purple shield is the worst you have to get round the back of him when he has his shield up and he’s invincible when he rains fire down hate that one the most


Lava puddles when you get close to one will cause me to break a controller at some point.

Shotguns and rocket launchers are the only way to go with them.

And why the ■■■■ are they completely immune to cryo?? Good luck running a cryo build on higher difficulties where these ■■■■■ show up in packs.

As Amara the one everyone hates is easy , if you phasegrasp him. As Amara i hate the one that is immune to elemental dots , you cannot get a dot running on him , its the one that can get very small and very big , i have to swap to kinetic weapons for him :slight_smile:

He is inmune to all damage almost all the time, not just cryo. You have to wait until he launch the shield, then there is a small window, over five or six seconds, that you can do damage to him. In mayhe 3 I usually avoid him until he is the last mob to kill. A very unfanny moob, very unfair indeed.