Annointed items bug

Is this still a bug? The annointed effects on my gear doesn´t seem to work :confused: As an example; i have the +1 rakk attack but it still only count to 3 (should have 4). I find it very frustrating, and i can´t imagine i´m the only one who is having this issue? Any plans to fix this in the near future ?

Im not a flak player, but do you only count three rakk charges,is there a 4th? Maybe you can throw a 4th. Sometimes the numbers don’t add up but still (kinda) work! :wink:

i have +1 charge from the skill tree, and one from an annointed item, adds up to 4 :slight_smile:

This is an ongoing think with Fl4k, the same happens to me I have to keep unequipping the item with the anointment and equip it again, it’s so annoying

Any word of them planning to fix this? kinda gamebreaking when annointed items are such a big part of the game ::confused:

I never heard any mention of a fix for this issue, we might get lucky one week in the patch notes

It should be a priority for them IMO… But thanks for the anwsers buddy :slight_smile: Guess
i´ll just not play with annointed items then. Bummer!

I did the same I stopped using them, it was so frustrating, luckily enough I dont main Fl4k :grin:

i´ll get by…it´s just…lame

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