Annointed Legendary Rolls

My holy grail legendary for my build is a corrosive cutmans smg with anointed beastmaster that gives 65% radiation damage when gammburst is active. I’ve been farming TVHM M3 slaughter shaft every night seeking it or other legendaries with this same perk. I’m just curious if anyone knows it’s even possible? Are all legendaries capable of rolling with the same annointed perks or are some not allowed to be paired with perks that may make them too OP? I’d love to know if my persuits are in vain. I have found a molten Lyuda with this perk that leaves me hopeful it can be on any legendary. What god roll anointed legendaries do you seek?

Pretty sure they’re all available on every gun. I’ve found at least 5 weapons with the Gamma Burst annointment. Character specific annointments seem to be more rare than the 125% boss/100% after ASE, but honestly that could just be me and my friends’ RNG.

Well I’ve actually had a cutsman with that anointment so that answers your question

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My Zane needs a Cryo Hex grenade and freeze lasersploder. I have never even seen any kind of lasersploder.

The biggest issue with the game is that fact all the good items are RANDOM WORLD DROPS( and I say that even though I main Zane). Its a great game but I am already losing interest in it due to the lack of targeted boss drops. The hunt is not difficult, its impossible. I did the red Jabber for 3 days and not a single hex, much less the one I need for my build. That camp is virtually gone now as its back to a random, rare spawn.

I even did the offline loot tink farm for 3 days and never got any version of the items I was looking for for the build I want to try. After the loot nerf there is near zero chance of getting what you want and no way to target an utem. BL2 was tough but I was always able to get what I wanted with enough grinding, not with BL3. How could this major design flaw have been allowed into the final game???


It’s just RNG. You can get some really crappy ones, such as a non-elemental Legendary that has an status effect/chance annointment.

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If your on ps4 I can give you a Cryo hex Grenade.

<<<< on Xbox :frowning:

Thank You, I appreciate the confirmation that legendaries can roll with any of the anointed perks. Back to the grind!