Annointed Militant please Nerf

Something needs to be done about the annointed Militant. I am just playing on Mayhem 3 while i visit every place to make the crew challenges and gain the most exp by killing enemies in the way to the challenges.
I don’t mind facing hard common enemies but the annointed Militant is just ridiculous even with the modifiers of mayhem in my favor. The annointed is immune 95% of the time of the fight and if i’m trying to kill a different enemy in his vicinity he teleports or naruto run in the speed of light or wathever and puts himself and his shield infront of the enemy while being immune all the time.

Even the grenade that i currently use the MIRV Hex (that it’s awesome thanks devs) do no damage to that purple shrek when he has his shield up because all of him is immune for some reason. All the hitboxes shouldn’t be immune. Might aswell put a mocking laugh to that enemy when he is in that state.

And for last he is super bugged the animation don’t correspond most of the time. He can be sticking his arm up like when he is going to shoot or do damage but no he is immune for some reason. He can throw his shield and still be immune instantly after that.

Tl;dr Gearbox please check this enemy out and nerf his shield/immune all the way you can. He’s a damage sponge even though


If the fix the bugginess of him he wouldn’t be so bad. The problem is he is immune at times where he shouldn’t be.

Also, teleporting enemies in general need a nerf. They are all kind of pests and ridiculously OP.


They dont need a nerf, learn to fight them like i did.
Some of them require you to take cover until certain phases end, an example would be anointed tink when you see it using the gun you can’t shoot it unless you really want to risk the damage(killing yourself). Anyways i’ve fought them in duos and still come out on top. Here are my messy unfinished notes

Anointed Tink - Weakness(Normal, ?), Immune(ice, ?) / Attacks - Teleport, Gun, Eridium Orb Toss, ?

Anointed Goliath - Weaknese(Normal, Corrosive, ?), Immune(Ice, ?), Reist(?), immune phase / Attacks - Teleport, Flame Homing Skulls, Shock Wave Clap, Ground Pound, Body Slam, Lunge, Eridium Orb Toss

Anointed Maniac - Weakness(Normal, Fire, Corrossive, Radiation), Immune(Ice), Resist(Shock) / Attacks - Teleport, Meat Axe Swing, Suicide Bomb, ?

Anointed Zealot - Weakness(?), Immune(Ice, ?), Resist(?) / Attacks - Teleport, AoE Eridium Orbs, Homing Eridium Orb(AoE on Explosion), Eridium Orb Toss,


I know how to fight them. I don’t get killed by them, mostly are the enemies around them but, there is no reason for an annointed militant to take as much time to kill as a boss in mayhem 3 (like mouthpiece hell I even struggle less with him)


They are the middle ground between a boss and super badass if it took you that long, then your build or gear isn’t sufficient enough to handle mayhem 3, or perhaps you got a modifier like -50% weapon damage for all weapons with enemy HP, Armor, and Shields increased by 45%.


Mate i don’t know why you are making all of this assumptions. Like, do i need to show off (i beat slaughterstar 3000 on mayhem 3 with the two giant mechs) or something for you to think that i’m competent enough to make this post. I’ll tell you the gun i was using and the modifiers.

556 Item score Cash-Infused Crossroad lvl 50
With electric damage
Dmg: 362x4
Critical hits deal 10% more damage


471 Mirv Hex lvl 50
Damage 1443 + Electric (2726 Dmg/s * 3)

Plus all the skills i have on Moze from the blue skill tree and the green skill tree

Mayhem 3
With the modifiers
-70% damage with normal bullets
+70% Elemental damage
Enemies take 50% les damage from Normal, incendiary and radiation damage


Learn how to fight? Mate, the enemy is madly broken. It needs a nerf to immunity. That’s all it needs.


Grab a siren on your team, have them phase lock them down, it holds them in the air, cancels all the immune stuff too. Lets you lay into them. Great counter.

Hope they add more enemies that can be countered by the other 3 Vault Hunters like that, maybe an enemy that Moze excels at killing more than the others, etc. Usually 2 phase grasps is all it takes to kill one, which isn’t awful to me. We just phase lock right off the riff of a fight, and then clear the rest of the enemies out, and then jump back on him to finish him off after my CD is back on my Siren.

The immunity thing is the only annoying part of him, could us a nerf to that.


Have to agree that his immunity phases are kinda excessive. Or maybe there’s some trick (other than phaselocking) that knocks them out of immunity that I haven’t discovered yet. Yesterday (playing Moze) I came across three at once in Skywell. I didn’t die but jeez it just took forever to take all three of them down.


Easily the most annoying enemy type in the game. The amount of immune phases they’ve spammed into this game really murder the flow of battles IMHO. Tyreen is mega annoying, and the first vault monster, mouthpiece etc. Just annoying waiting games that force you wait/dodge around. Really don’t add anything to the experience IMHO, they actually take away from it, if you ask me.


If you’re playing as Zane and has the shock augment on his Barrier, you can just grab your barrier and run towards their direction and they will keep getting staggered, while you can keep firing away. It really helps to kill them faster.

Now in regards of their immunity, I agree it needs to be a bit less constant.

I had one that didnt get off that solar flare ground burn thing… I didn’t even know what to do… kept jumping around and get out of Dodge but just wouldn’t work.

If they are in-between a super bad ass and boss why don’t they drop rewarding loot like one?

I agree

Just not fun especially when they spawn with a boss


I noticed he’s vulnerable to radiation damage

The Militants are an absolute pain, yes, and I hate fighting them. But honestly, I would be fine if they only were to receive a single nerf:
It can’t be that they are fully immune to all damage when they are doing their flame bombardment nonsense, at least not in their current state. They should either reduce the duration of that ability and add a healthy cooldown of at least 30 seconds to it, or just get rid of the damage immunity. It seems to be chance based what abilities they are gonna do but if you are out of luck they just keep on spamming that bombardment and you just don’t get a damage opening. I once ran into 2 of them at the same time and honestly, I should just have save-quit instead of trying to fight them because for at least 8 of the 10 minutes it took me to kill them both they just didn’t take damage because of the flame spire nonsense.
Well, that and I feel like they should fix the shield. Either make it so it’s obvious that the shield covers their front completely or make it like the normal enforcer shields so that you can actually hurt them if you hit parts that stick out.

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Same thing just happened to me. I was at the part where Brick is fighting with you in Anvil and the annointed militant was just non stop popping his immunity from Brick’s attacks. I could maybe get a shot or two in before his immunity procced. I had him down to about 20% and another one appeared. I just quit the game. I am okay with a challenge. There is nothing exciting or challenging about an enemy being immune 95% of the time.


In your strategy post, you mention almost all anointed - but the one that the original post was about lol. Anointed military is broke and takes too long to kill. Idly immune is a boring fight.


Haha I had 4 of them in proving ground. Nearly ran down my timer

The problem with anointed militants:

-they are very buggy. they simply reuse bruiser/enforcer AI, but they don’t hold a gun. they constantly drop aggro in the middle of attacking and behave oddly, turning around when they shouldn’t, or losing track of the player(s) right in front of them. So they aren’t even hard enemies with regards to downing you. They are stupid and incompetent.

-Cryo immunity hurts solo Zane players, but imo Zane should simply have a capstone skill to ignore Cryo immunity instead of his useless “Under Cover” capstone for his barrier.

-The militants cycle between two different types of total immunity to ALL damage CONSTANTLY. There is nothing fun about sitting there for 10-20 seconds at a time waiting to do damage to them. It’s not an interactive mechanic because you literally just can’t interact with immunity. So not only are they not dangerous, you also can’t kill them quickly.

-Their “shield” animation doesn’t sync properly even in solo play, it can be active but invisible, so you can’t even reliably tell when they are blocking or not.


Found binary cutsman shot in the right spot ignores his immune shield and flakker helps too knocks him down to stop it

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Jsut ran into one of these dudes and indeed immune like 99% of the time wether its got an omnidirectional front facing shield (somehow) or it sticks its arms up and starts raining fire (immune for whole duration) It jsut wanders about immune when not doing abilities and is effectively immortal