Annointed Militant

Those are for real? I mean, any ennemy in the game is surprisingly balanced, with its own set of strenght and weakness, but the annointed Militant are pure ■■■■■■■■ : Their shield is foolproof unlike the basic militant (which are already a pain) meaning you can’t do ■■■■ to them, and when they channel their firestorm deathrain, they’re immune to everything.

I get that they might not be too much of a problem for a solid 4 men group as you can flank them, but they’re absolutely undoable in solo, at least change it so their shield don’t cover their head, so it force to aim properly.

If you want to balance something, start right there, they need a (massive) nerf

They are mostly ok… The only problem with them, is that sometimes they get their invulnerability even without summoning their purple shield, which I believe it’s a bug.

Annointed Goliaths, on the other hand… those damn shockwave attacks are very annoying, because they can spam it, and their hitbox seems to be messed up, because even when you jump them, they will still hit you sometimes.

Near the end of the game, I got two annointed Goliaths at once, so I’ll let you imagine the nightmare it was.

Annointed Goliath aren’t much, even in Mayhem 2 (haven’t try 3 yet), you just need to aim properly and burst them down. You can dodge their wave by jumping, and the rest of their tool kit can be countered by standard kitting.

Annointed Militant aren’t okay. They’re not the most deadly of the annointed, but an ennemy that spend 90% of his time invulnerable is definitely ill conceived